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Development Environment

To complete the projects for this course you will be using an integrated software development tool (or IDE) called Eclipse. For additional information please visit the site

CVS Repository Account

To receive the code distribution for a project you will need a special computer account called the CVS repository account. Notice that you don't need to have this account in order to install and use Eclipse. Information about your repository account can be found at CVS Repository Account.

About Java

Sun's Java HomePage Sun's Java Tutorial Sun's Network Tutorial
Java 6.0 SDK General Documentation Java 6.0 API Specs Java SE 6 Main Site
Generics Tutorial Java Ranch Swing Tutorial

Class Announcements and Associated RSS Feed

Class announcements are located at Class Announcements. You should check announcements often (at least once every day). Notice that this announcements page is made possible through the forum software and unlike the class forum you cannot modify/post to this page.

You can also receive the class announcements by subscribing to the announcements RSS Feed and receive announcements via your favorite RSS reader. Keep in mind that there might be a delay (20 minutes or more) in receiving messages via the feed. To subscribe to the feed:

  1. Make sure your browser/system has a RSS Reader. In firefox you may use several RSS Reader extensions (e.g., Simple RSS Reader (SRR))
  2. You need to import the Computer Science Department root certificate into your browser as described in
  3. The announcements RSS Link is:


File Transfer Clients

Clients to Connect to Remote Machines

VPN Client