CMSC 198I: The Science behind Computing: What makes Web Search, Navigation Systems and Social Media work?

Spring 2012

Section 0101 and 0102

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You can get an idea of what the course would cover from the webpage for Spring 2011. The topics however may change.

Notes These are notes from last year.

Lecture Notes

Week 1Introduction to Computing and Algorithms and Stable Marriage slides
Scientific approach to online dating
Read page 9-11 from notes
Week 2What is cool about web search Read first 10 pages,
Read Chapters 1-3 from text book
Effective Web search
Read pages 15-17 from notes
Week 3Monday:Euclid's GCD
Wednesday: Graphs
No slides Read pages 18-20 for GCD
Read pages 29-32 for Graphs
Week 4Shortest paths
Ruby programming
No slides Read page 1-20 of the notes
Ruby book
Program to print your name
Sum of numbers
Product of numbers
Print first N positive integers
Print sum of first N integers
Print the first N even numbers
Using IF
Week 5Square roots, Error Correcting Codes Read Chapter 5 from text book
Read pages 8, 21-22 from notes
Wiki article on ISBN
Program to input and find smallest of three numbers
Program to find GCD of two numbers
Week 6Ruby Programming and Guest lecture No slides Program implementing Euclid's GCD
Square root using times
Square root using while
Week 7 Midterm on March 5 (Mon), Cryptography and secure communication Read chapters 4 and 5 from the text book Ruby programs discussed:
Program to add all multiples of 3 and 7 between 1 and 1500
Program to print a triangle of stars
Week 8 Sorting and Searching and Secure Communication Read pages 44-45 from notes
Crypto notes
Quick sort dancing video
Week 9 Sorting (contd.) and Induction Notes on Sorting
Sorting Animation
Induction Notes 1
Induction Notes 2
Week 10 Graph Coloring and Data Compression Link to notes on Graph Coloring
Read Chapter 7 from text book
Notes on Huffman Coding
Week 11 Midterm on April 11 (Wed) Code for testing primality Group Divisions
Week 12 Exam Discussion/Flow Charts and Data Storage Read Chapter 8 from the text book Co-prime
Pythagorean triples
Floor of log base 2
Week 13 Group Presentations April 23: Groups 1,2,3
April 25: Groups 4,5,6
April 27: Groups 7,8,9,10
Week 14NP-completeness Link to the Cryptology Museum
Week 15?

Web Accessibility