Schedule (Subject to Change)

Sides may not include all the material discussed in lecture. You are responsible for any material we present in lecture, even if it does not appear in the posted slides. Code examples can be found in the grace cluster (public directory).

Week Topics Slides Readings Work
Wk #1
(Jan 25)
Course Introduction, C Data Types, Operators, Active Learning ActiveLearningWorkshop.pdf Course-Intro.pdf
King's book, Chapters
1 → 6
Wk #2
(Jan 29)
Input / Output, Control Statements, Functions, sizeof, Input / Output Redirection C-Intro.pdf
King's book,
7.1 → 7.4 7.6
9.1 → 9.4
Chapter 10, 18.1→18.2
E1 Out (Tue)
E1 Due (Fri)
E2 Out (Thu)
Wk #3
(Feb 5)
C Storage types, Linkage, Pointers, Arrays, Debugging/GDB (lab), Math Library(lab) C-Lang-II.pdf
Debugging.pdf (Lab)
King's book, 8.1
Chapter 11, 23.3
Q1 (Wed)
E2 Due (Wed)
P1 Out (Thu)
Wk #4
(Feb 12)
Pointer Arithmetic, Strings Ptr-Arithmetic.pdf
King's book, Chapter 11, 12, 13, 23.5, 23.6 Q2 (Wed)
E3 Out (Thu)
Wk #5
(Feb 19)
Command Line Arguments, 2-Dim Arrays, Structures CmdLine-Args-2DArrays.pdf
King's book, 8.2, Chapter 16
P1 Due (Wed)
E3 Due (Thu)
P2 Out (Thu)
E4 (Ard) Out (Thu)
Wk #6
(Feb 26)
Formatted I/O, Data Representation IO.pdf
King's book Chapter 22, 24.1, 24.2
Bryant's book, Chapter 2
E4 (Ard) Due (Thu)
E5 (Ard) Out (Thu)
P2 Due (Fri)
Wk #7
(Mar 5)
Bit Operations, Preprocessor, Make BitwiseOperators.pdf
PreprocessorI.pdf (Lab)
Make.pdf (Lab)
King's book, Chapter 20, 14, 15.4 Midterm I (Tue)

P3 Out (Tue)
Wk #8
(Mar 12)
Dyamic Memory Allocation, Function Pointers DynamicMemAlloc.pdf
King's book, 17.1 - 17.7 E5 (Ard) Due (Tue)
P3 Due (Thu)
E6 Out (Thu)
Spring Break 2018 (Mar 18-Mar 25)
Wk #9
(Mar 26)
Function Pointers, Dynamic Structures, Encapsulation in C (Lab), Assembly, Optimization DynamicMemAllocII.pdf
Mid-Term Grades Due (Mon)
P4 Out (Wed)
E6 Due (Thu)
Q3 (Debugging) (Wed)
Wk #10
(Apr 2)
Assembly AssemblyII-AVR.pdf
P4 Due (Thu)
E7 Out (Thu)
Wk #11
(Apr 9)
Assembly, Process Control AssemblyIII-InstStack.pdf
Bryant's book, 1.7, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4 P5 Out (Mon)
E7 Due (Tue)
Wk #12
(Apr 16)
Process Control
Midterm II
(Thu) (Lecture)

E8 Out (Tue)
Wk #13
(Apr 23)
System I/O (read, write, file descriptors, dup2, pipes), System-IO-I.pdf
Bryant's book 10.1 - 10.4, 10.8 - 10.12 Q4 (Wed)
P5 Due (Tue)
E8 Due (Tue)
P6 Out (Tue)
Wk #14
(Apr 30)
Concurrency, Optimization, Time (Lab) Concurrency.pdf
Bryant's book 5.1 - 5.8, 6.1 - 6.3, 12.3 - 12.7 E9 Out (Tue)
Wk #15
(May 7)
Libraries, Preprocessor, Signals, Course Evaluations, Review Signals.pdf
Bryant's book 7.1 - 7.12, 8.5 P6 Due (Tue)
E9 Due (Mon)
Last Day of Classes
(Thu/May 10)

Final Exam
(Sat/May 12, 4pm-6pm)
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