Alumni Hall Of Fame

Lee Spector

Lee Spector
Graduation Year: 
Supervenience in Dynamic World Planning


Photo of Narendra

Narendra Ahuja

PhD 1979
Photo of Michael

Michael Antonov

Bachelor's 2003
Photo of J. Gary

J. Gary Augustson

Master's 1969
Photo of David

David Baggett

Bachelor's 1992
Photo of Suman

Suman Banerjee

PhD 2003
Photo of Sergey

Sergey Brin

Bachelor's 1993
Photo of Paul

Paul Capriolo

Bachelor's 2006
Photo of Charles

Charles Dyer

PhD 1979
Photo of Martin

Martin Farach

PhD 1991
Photo of Gary

Gary Flake

PhD 1993
Photo of Rajiv

Rajiv Gandhi

PhD 2003
Photo of Howard

Howard Gobioff

Bachelor's 1993
Photo of Naresh

Naresh Gupta

PhD 1993
Photo of Patrick

Patrick Jenkins

Bachelor's 2006
Photo of Vipin

Vipin Kumar

PhD 1982
Photo of Shmuel

Shmuel Peleg

PhD 1979
Photo of Andrew

Andrew Reisse

Bachelor's 2001
Photo of Glenn

Glenn Ricart

PhD 1980
Photo of S. Cenk

S. Cenk Sahinalp

PhD 1997
Photo of Pooja

Pooja Sankar

Master's 2004
Photo of Jagdeep

Jagdeep Singh

Bachelor's 1987
Photo of Aya

Aya Soffer

PhD 1995
Photo of Lee

Lee Spector

PhD 1992
Photo of Granger

Granger Sutton

PhD 1992
Photo of Qiang

Qiang Yang

PhD 1989
Photo of Shayan

Shayan Zadeh

Master's 2002