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Eclipse 2021_12_R Installation (Spring 2022)


In the past it was necessary to install java and Eclipse, but the Eclipse installer now includes all the tools (compiler, jvm, javadoc, etc.) you need. To have all the environment you need for CMSC131/CMSC132, you will use the Eclipse installer and add a submission plugin. Information for PCs and Macs is provided below. If you have a linux system an installer is also available at the Eclipse installer's site (see Software Sources below).

Eclipse 2021_12_R includes Java 17. Keep in mind that the submit server currently relies on Java 11. Do not use features in your code that only apply to Java versions that came after Java 11.

Some versions of Eclipse don't work properly when using macOS Big Sur; Eclipse 2021_12_R works fine.

For PCs

For Macs

Course Management Plugin Installation

Uninstalling Eclipse

Eclipse does not come with an uninstaller. Some general information to remove Eclipse is provided below.

Software Sources