Launching Eclipse

On a PC

Double-click the eclipse.exe file you installed, or the shortcut you may have created.

On a Mac

Double-click on the file you installed, or the shortcut you may have created.

In a Campus Workstation Lab

If you need to use a campus workstation it is best if you install Eclipse and Java on an USB drive and use the drive in one of the workstations. Instructions on how to set a USB drive can be found in the installation section (Installing Eclipse).

After launching Eclipse

  1. After being launched, Eclipse will ask you to specify the workspace to use. The workspace is a folder used by Eclipse to save your work. You can specify an existing folder, or accept the default provided by Eclipse.
    Select a directory as a workspace (window prompt)

  2. Press OK to continue. You will then be presented with the following window:
    Eclipse welcome screen window

  3. Click on the play icon that you will find on the top right section of the window (above the word "Workbench") and you will see the following window:
    Eclipse workbench window

Quitting Eclipse

You can exit Eclipse by doing one of the following:

If you have files that have not been saved, a “Save Resources” window will appear. Click “OK” to save the resources.