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Last First Title Location Phone E-mail Web
Photo of Brandi Adams Adams Brandi Associate Director of Communications 4129 52760 email
Photo of Kate Atchison Atchison Kate Assistant Director for the Maryland Center for Women in Computing (MCWIC) 3145 57615 email homepage
Photo of Regis Boykin Boykin Regis Accounting Associate 4169 52732 email
Photo of Brenda Chick Chick Brenda Coordinator, Facilities 1109 58411 email
Photo of Adelaide Findlay Findlay Adelaide Program Management Specialist 4179 52662 email
Photo of Victoria Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Victoria Academic Advisor 1119A A.V. Williams 301.405.2672 email
Photo of Miriam Friedman Friedman Miriam Events Coordinator 4135 AVW 50688 email
Photo of Jodie Gray Gray Jodie Payroll Coordinator 4183 52733 email
Photo of Todd Holden Holden Todd Senior Web Services Developer AVW 4137 56338 email
Photo of Jennifer Horton Horton Jennifer Academic Advisor 1113 52894 email
Photo of Tom Hurst Hurst Tom Assistant Director of Graduate Education 3175 AVW 50771 email
Photo of Sergey Ivanov Ivanov Sergey IT Systems Analyst AVW 4117 52749 email
Photo of Maria Johnson Johnson Maria Director of Corporate Partnership Development AVW 4145 57990 email
Photo of Kenneth Kokason Kokason Kenneth Academic Advisor 52672 email
Photo of Marcus Lauer Lauer Marcus IT Systems Analyst 4115 52668 email
Photo of Sharron McElroy McElroy Sharron Associate Director of Business & Finance 4171 58699 email
Photo of Alyssa Neuner Neuner Alyssa Academic Advisor 1111 AVW 52672 email
Photo of Stephanie Peters Peters Stephanie Director of Finance, Operations and Personnel AVW 4173 52771 email
Photo of Apitchaya Pimpawathin Pimpawathin Apitchaya Assistant Director Undergraduate Studies 1115A 52681 email
Photo of Lynne Reilly Reilly Lynne Program Management Specialist 4169 56778 email
Photo of Steven Ryan Ryan Steven IT Systems Analyst 4119 email
Photo of Freddie Salley Salley Freddie Academic Advisor 1123 52692 email
Photo of Lauren Segler Segler Lauren Academic Advisor 1151A (301) 405-2672 email
Photo of Stacey Sickels Locke Sickels Locke Stacey Director of Development AVW 4147 57889 email
Photo of ~ STAFFWORLD STAFFWORLD ~ Computing Staff 4120 52720 email homepage
Photo of Amy Vaillancourt Vaillancourt Amy Academic Advisor AVW 1117 56277 email
Photo of Jeanine Worden Worden Jeanine Lab Director 4131 55062 email