CMSC 427
Computer Graphics
David Jacobs
Spring 2005



On-line versions of the programs in Hearn and Baker are available here.

Sample Midterm available here.  Solutions here.

On Tuesday, March 15, around 5pm, the code for problem 2 of PS2 should be available, and the code for problem 1 has been updated.  The new code for problem 1 should be more readable.

On Thursday, March 31 the solutions to the midterm were updated; a mistake was fixed.


Jacobs' office hours will be cancelled on Wed. April 20th, Tuesday, April 26th, and Wed., April 27th.

     There will be replacement office hours Thursday, April 28th, 2:00-3:00.  Feel free to email me for an

     appointment if other office hours would be helpful.


Sample Final here.  Solutions here.


There will be a review session for the Final in AV Williams 4424, at 2pm on Friday the 13th.


General Information



Class Time 

Tue, Thu 11:00-12:15


CSI 2117

Course Info



Computer Graphics With OpenGL by Hearn and Baker





Teaching Assistant


David Jacobs

Derek Juba



AVW 4421

AVW 1112

Office hours

Tue 2:00-3:00, Wed 2:00-3:00 

Mon 2:30-3:30, Thurs 12:30-1:30

If you cannot make these office hours, please send email to arrange another time. 


Problem Sets

OpenGL links (see below too).  Instructions for submitting assignments.



    Problem Set 0Assignment.  Code to get started. Executable for solution.



    Problem Set 1: Assignment  Code to get started  Executables for solutions



   Problem Set 2: AssignmentCode to get started.  Executables for solutions.  Note that the .bmp files need to be placed in a subdirectory called Textures for the executables to work.



Problem Set 3: AssignmentExecutable for solution.  Use the source code for texture mapping in problem set 2 as a starting point.  3/31/05 4/14/05
Problem Set 4: AssignmentExecutable for solution, with some samples of input and output files.  Skeleton code to use as a starting point.  4/14/05 5/5/05



Class slides will typically be posted here, usually minutes before class begins.  


Class Slides


Class 1 :      Introduction (Jan. 27):  ppt   web

H&B Chapter 1

Class 2:       OpenGL (Feb. 1): ppt web page sample code

H&B Chapter 2, 11-6

Class 3:       Geometry (Feb 3): ppt  web page

H&B Chapter 5.  Also see Dave Mount's lecture notes and Appendix A of H&B. 

Class 4:       Transformations (Feb 8)


Class 5:       Transformations (cont'd) (Feb 10)


Class 6:       Projection (Feb 15)  ppt web page

H&B Chapter 7

Class 7:       Projection and Discretization (Feb 17) (see previous class's ppt and Prof. Varshney's slides from 9/23, 9/28, 9/30).

H&B Chapter 3

Class 8:       Sampling and Aliasing (Feb 22) (See Prof. Varshney's slides from 10/19).

H&B Chapter 4-17.

Snow Day (Feb 24)


Class 9:       Texture (March 1)   ppt  web page  Sample code

H&B Chapter 10-17, 10-21.  Ken Perlin's page on Perlin noise.  Efros and Leung on texture synthesis.

Class 10:    Texture, cont'd (March 3)  slides same as previous class.
Class 11:   Texture, cont'd; Color (March 8)  ppt  web page.

H&B Chapter 12.  The Foundations of Color Measurement and Color Perception, by Brian Wandell

Class 12:    Color, cont'd; transparency.  (March 10).  For slides, see previous class.  Sample code fragment.

H&B Chapter 10-4, 10-5.  Discussion of OpenGL for transparency is a bit spread out; it's probably best to look up functions in the index.  But also check 4-3.

Lightness perception and lightness illusions, by Ted Adelson.  Optional, but very nice paper on the psychology of lightness and transparency.

Class 13:    Review for midterm.  (March 15).

Midterm (March 17). 


Class 14: Midterm postmortem.  Transparency (March 29).  Slides from class 12.

Class 15: Collisions (March 31)  ppt web page.

 H&B 9-1 to 9-6
Class 16: Visibility (April 5) See slides from Class 15 and Prof. Varshney's lecture on culling (October 21).
Class 17: Reflectance (April 7) ppt web page. H&B 10-1 to 10-3.
Class 18: Shading (April 12) ppt web page H&B 10-10, 10-20
Class 19: Ray Tracing (April 14)  See slides from Prof. Varshney's lecture on ray tracing (November 2). H&B 10-11.
Class 20: Shadows (April 19) See slides from Prof. Varshney's lecture on shadows (November 4)
Class 21: GPUs (April 21) ppt web page
Class 22: Global Illumination (April 26) See slides from Prof. Varshney's lecture on global illumination, (November 9). H&B 10-12 to 10-14.
Class 23: Modeling (April 28) See slides from Prof. Varshney's lecture, modeling overview (November 12). H&B Chapter 8 (some of this material will be discussed next class also).
Class 24: Modeling (cont'd) (May 3)
Class 25: Image-Based Rendering (May 5) ppt web page

H&B 13-6, morphing.  See also: "Light Field Rendering" by Levoy and Hanrahan. 

"Creating Full View Panoramic Image Mosaics and Environment Maps", by Szeliski and Shum.

"Image Analogies", by Hertzmann, Jacobs, Oliver, Curless, and Salesin.

"Sylization and Abstraction of Photographs," by DeCarlo and Santella.

Class 26: Reveiw of PS4 and Material for Final (May 10)
Class 27: Animation (May 12) ppt  web page H&B Chapter 13

Final: Monday, May 16, 8:00-10:00



Useful Links

Prof. Varshney's class page

Prof. Mount's class page

OpenGL 1.1 Programming Guide   

OpenGL Tutorial