CMSC/PHYS 457 Introduction to Quantum Computing, Spring 2023: Policy


  • Readings: This course includes a lot of reading assignments (with references provided on the syllabus page). These reading assignments will be crucial to the understanding the course materials. Please treat them seriously.

  • Homework: There will be in total 4 written assignments (24%, 6% each) and 3 coding assignments (5%, 5%, 6%). Submissions should be in a presentable form, without corrections, ideally typeset. While study groups and student collaboration are encouraged, you should write your own solutions.

  • Project: There will be one course project (20%). You are supposed to follow the timeline of each milestone of the project. You are supposed to accomplish a written document (about 10 pages) and deliver a talk on your course project at the end of the semester. Projects are done as groups. The size of the groups is 3-5. Exceptions could be granted by the instructor. Check more details here. There is a not-for-credit assignment 0 about the grouping and a brief self-introduction.

  • Exam: Two in-class exams: exam I (19%) and exam II (19%)

  • Participation in lectures and office hours is strongly encouraged and rewarded (2%).

  • In summary, the weights of student activities are Assignments (40%) (4 written and 3 coding), Project (20%), Exam I (19%), Exam II (19%), and Active in-class participation (2%).

Homework and Projects:

  • Submissions. Homework assignments must be submitted electronically to ELMS. (Anyone having trouble with electronic submissions should contact the instructor as soon as possible.) All the submissions should be in a presentable form, without corrections, ideally typeset. You will lose points for sloppiness. I highly recommend using Latex for the typesetting. However, you can also scan your handwritten solutions and upload them to ELMS.

  • Late submissions. Late homework assignments are NOT accepted. If you have to turn in LATE, please inform the instructor for approval well ahead of the deadline.

  • Grading issues. You have one week to request a regrade (via email or in person) after the assignment is returned to you. You need to clearly explain the specific reason for regrading. (e.g., “I think I deserve more points” is never a valid reason for a regrade.) We will regrade based on your request and your original assignment submission. Note that your grade might go down.

Course Evaluation

Students are strongly encouraged to complete their course evaluations; the site is, and will be open at the end of the semester.

Excused Absence and Academic Accommodations

Any student who needs to be excused for an absence from lectures should make a reasonable attempt to inform the instructor of his/her illness prior to the class. If there is any medical emergency, the instructor should be informed as soon as possible with official written documentation.

It is also the student's responsibility to inform the instructor of any intended absences from exams for religious observances in advance. Normally, such notice should be provided as soon as possible within the first two weeks of the semester.

Any student eligible for and requesting reasonable academic accommodations due to a disability is requested to provide a letter of accommodation from the Office of Disability Support Services within the first two weeks of the semester.

Academic Integrity

Note that academic dishonesty includes not only cheating, fabrication, and plagiarism, but also includes helping other students commit acts of academic dishonesty by allowing them to obtain copies of your work. In short, all submitted work must be your own. Cases of academic dishonesty will be pursued to the fullest extent possible as stipulated by the Office of Student Conduct.

It is very important for you to be aware of the consequences of cheating, fabrication, facilitation, and plagiarism. For more information on the Code of Academic Integrity or the Student Honor Council, please visit

A Note on University Policy

For a complete treatment of course-related policies, please see: