CMSC/PHYS 457 Introduction to Quantum Computing, Spring 2023 : Homework

Not-for-credit assignment

Written Assignments

Coding Assignments

  • In this assignment, we hope to get you familiar with existing quantum programming languages, publicly available quantum machines, and simulators. It would be a valuable experience even if you are more interested in the theoretical perspective of quantum information.

    • Please make sure your submitted codes are readable and have been tested. It is important to provide instructions to make sure your codes can compile and execute the test cases. Failure to compile or execute could lead to a zero score.

    • Note that you can use existing libraries of quantum algorithms for reference, but you need to write your own codes.

  • Coding Assignment 1 due on 03/09/23.

  • Coding Assignment 2 due on 03/30/23.

  • Coding Assignment 3 due on 05/11/23.

Latex Template

Please use provided source tex files for latex typesetting of your solutions. There is also a latex macro for some basic notations in quantum information. Check here for a sample tex file.

Please use Qcircuit for drawing quantum circuits.