Mini-Library on Quantum Information and Computation

This page is meant to be a collection of representative and available references for the study and research of the theoretical aspect of quantum information and computation. It is by no means complete, however, is meant to be as comprehensive as possible and will be regularly maintained. Send me an email if you have any good suggestion.

Expository Writings and Lecture Notes by myself

  • Tutorial at POPL 2021: An Invitation to the Intersection of Quantum Computing and Programming Languages slides video

    • (Part I) Introduction to Quantum Computing and Potential Roles of Programming Languages

    • (Part II) A Mini-Course of Quantum Hoare Logic on Quantum While Language

    • (Part III) Discussion on Existing and Potential Programming Language Research Opportunities

Scientific Reports from Relevant Research Communities

General Study: Courses, Lecture Notes & Textbooks

  • Textbooks

    • M. Nielsen and I. Chuang. Quantum Computation and Quantum Information, Cambridge University Press; 10 Anv edition, 2011.

    • A. Yu. Kitaev, A. H. Shen and M. N. Vyalyi. Classical and Quantum Computation (Graduate Studies in Mathematics), AMS, 2002.

    • P.Kaye, R. Laflamme, M. Mosca. An Introduction to Quantum Computing, Oxford University Press, 2007.

    • S. Aaronson. Quantum Computing since Democritus, Cambridge University Press, 2013. Same-name Course

    • N. David Mermin. Quantum Computer Science: An Introduction, Cambridge University Press, 2007. Same-name Course

    • M. Wilde. Quantum Information Theory, Cambridge University Press, 2013. Same-name Course

    • M. Hayashi. Quantum Information: An Introduction, Springer, 2006.

    • J. Watrous. The Theory of Quantum Information, Cambridge University Press, 2018. Online available book

    • Lecture Notes by J. Watrous. Theory of Quantum Information

    • Lecture Notes by J. Preskill. Quantum Computation

    • Lecture Notes by R. de Wolf. Quantum Computing

Advanced topics

  • Quantum Programming Language

    • M. Ying. Foundations of Quantum Programming, Morgan Kaufmann, 2016.

  • UWaterloo IQC Selective Topics

    • A. Nayak: @UWaterloo Selected Advanced Topics in Quantum Information 2015, 2014

Some Notes on Quantum Hardware

  • Superconducting Qubits

  • Trapped-Ion Qubits

    • Programmable Quantum Simulations of Spin Systems with Trapped Ions. ArXiv:1912.07845

  • Neutral Atoms

    • M. Saffman, T. Walker, K. Molmer. Quantum Information with Rydberg atoms. Rev. Mod. Phys. Vol 82, 2313. 2010.

    • Quantum Computing with Neutral Atoms. ArXiv:2006.12326

Some Research Resource