CMSC 858G (Spring 2024):

Problem Sets


The textbook is a work in progress: D. Gottesman, Surviving as a Quantum Computer in a Classical World.

Chapters 1-14 are now available.

More chapters will be posted here as the semester continues. You also have the full table of contents so you can get a preview of what is planned and what is already written (but still needs editing).

I will try to keep already-posted chapters as stable as possible within this draft, but future chapters referenced in the table of contents will certainly have page numbers change and may have larger changes. If you find you wish to cite the book, please refer to it as the 2024 draft (in case there are future drafts distributed).

Tentative Syllabus


Your grade will have 3 components:


Email me the members of your group and the topic for your project by Friday, Mar. 15.

Project Ideas

Here are some possible ideas for projects. This is not an exhaustive list. If you want a subject not on this list, let me know and we can discuss if it is acceptable.

Final Exam

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