CMSC 858O On the Foundation of End-to-End Quantum Applications, Spring 2024:

Paper Presentation (15% of the grade)

Each student is expected to present one paper (or a few papers about one specific topic) during the weeks of paper presentation. Students will bid for the paper to present. The length of the presentation ranges from a half lecture to a full lecture depending on the nature of the content. Students could use whiteboards, slides, or so for the presentation as long as it is clear for the audience. The presentation will also be recorded and shared at ELMS.

Here are some general suggestions on how to read/understand/present a new research paper:


  • Please bid for your paper and time slots by 02/15/24 at ELMS.

Where to find your papers

One can find any quantum computing-related papers in quantum information venues (Nature/Science, PRL, QIP), theoretical computer science venues (STOC, FOCS, CRYPTO, Eurocrypt), programming language venues (PLDI, POPL, OOPSLA), architecture conferences (ISCA, MICRO, ASPLOS), and so on. One can look for recent research highlights from these venues, and just the arXiv.

If you have any trouble identifying papers to present, please contact the instructor as soon as possible.