CMSC 858O On the Foundation of End-to-End Quantum Applications, Spring 2024: Projects


Each student, or at most two students as a group, is required to accomplish a course project, which should ideally be an original research/research proposal for any topic within the scope of the seminar course. The end product will be a talk and a written report (about 10 pages).

Ideally, for each project, one should identify the motivation and the background of a specific topic, its motivation, and the existing literature. Then propose your methodology/techniques/implementation. You are not required to completely solve the problem. However, you should present your findings following your methodology and make a future attack plan.

The project could also be tool-chain building. Please contact the instructor if you are interested in this option.


  • Course project proposals due by 02/29/24.

  • Course project finalized by 03/07/24.

  • Course project slides due by 04/19/24.

  • Course project presentation: Week 15 & 16.

  • Course project final report due by 05/16/24.

Specific requirements on each submitted document

  • Proposal: 3-4 pages in length. Should include the topic and its motivation. An appropriate goal of this project. A brief summary of the relevant literature, including the relationship among the literature and/or why you find them relevant. For research projects, explain the high-level idea of your methodology/techniques. IMPORTANTLY, a time plan for the project: including what to finish by the presentation, and what to finish by the final presentation. If the topic is too broad for you to explore in the semester, it is totally fine to focus on some parts of the topic and leave other parts for the future.

  • Slides and Presentation: This should be an oral presentation to the audience with a basic understanding of quantum information (e.g., your peer classmates). Should be self-contained and explain clearly the main points of the project (e.g., topic, motivation, development, the state of the art, your methodology/findings, open questions, etc). The grade will consist of two parts: (1) one on the quality of the slides; (2) one on the quality of the presentation.

  • Final Report: 10- pages. Consider this as a written document supplementing the presentation (but with more details). Should be self-contained and include all the major points of the project.

Grading of Projects (30%)

  • Proposal (10%), Slides and the presentation (10%), Final Report (10%)

  • Grading for each item is based on the quality of the document and the progress made.