CMSC 216


The class web page will be ready a couple of days before the summer 2023 semester starts. Information about the course is provided below.


Regarding CMSC216 (summer 2023): This class will be on campus, and exams and quizzes need to be taken on campus (they cannot be taken online (no exceptions)). The class schedule (with exam dates, projects due dates, etc.) will be ready a couple of days before the summer semester starts.

The class format is similar to my other courses: we will record lectures and labs, no pop quizzes, no attendance required, old semester exams available, and Piazza as the class bulletin board.

This course is a 10-week course, which I strongly recommend you do NOT take along with any other summer course or along with an internship. By the way, if you have an internship offer, go for it instead of taking a summer class :).

Last summer's webpage provides an idea of the course structure and topics. The webpage URL is https://www.cs.umd.edu/class/summer2022/cmsc216/



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