Incident Reporting in Computer Science

Report An Incident Or Concern Here

CS Class Concern is a form to report issues and concerns about your experiences in the UMD Computer Science.

Reports on sexual harassment, student contact, or hate bias issues should be reported to the appropriate offices. Information on how to contact these officers and report these concerns is listed below

CS Class Concern Structure:

If you have an issue that arises with a student or TA during your time in any UMD computer science course,  please contact your course instructor first.

If you are uncomfortable contacting your instructor or if issues are not addressed to your satisfaction, please complete the CS Class Concern Form

This form is received by the Incident Reporting subcommittee of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee:

  • Associate Chair, Undergraduate Education (Dave Mount)
  • Associate Chair, Graduate Education (Ramani Duraiswami)
  • Assistant Director, Undergraduate Studies (David Turner
  • Assistant Director, Graduate Education (Tom Hurst)
  • Assistant Director, Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing (Kate Atchison)

If deemed appropriate, this report may be escalated to the Chair of the Department or Dean of the College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences.  

Issues to be reported through the CS Class Concern Form:

  • Trouble accessing resources to participate in a lab or discussion
  • Trouble getting information or in touch with your instructor
  • Concerns about favoritism by TAs or instructors
  • Unprofessional conduct by any department employee
  • Trouble accessing resources to lead a lab or discussion (TAs)
  • Trouble receiving accommodations from instructors or TAs

 If you have a concern about the structure or management of a course, please share your concerns directly to Associate Chair of Undergraduate Education (Dave Mount, mount [-at-] umd [dot] edu)

How CS Class Concerns Are Addressed:

  • We will acknowledge the report within 2 business days during the normal academic year, and 5 business days during breaks or summer
  • If we need more information from you, we will request it in that timeframe
  • Depending on the nature of the report, we will inform and consult with relevant campus administrators regarding potential actions
  • We will aim to resolve reports within 30 days and will inform you when completed; however, depending on the nature of the report, we may not be able to provide additional details on the specifics of the outcome
  • If the report involves sexual misconduct, this will trigger a mandatory reporting to the Office of Civil Rights & Sexual Misconduct ( and the Title IX coordinator
  • In all cases, we will endeavor to protect your identity as best as we can

How Data and Emails are Stored:

  • The only people who will have access to the form are members of the incident reporting committee at the time of report
  • Historical statistics will be kept, but only in a completely anonymized form


If you feel like you were retaliated against for reporting information, please email mount [-at-] umd [dot] edu  and chair [-at-] cs [dot] umd [dot] edu. You can also reach out to the campus undergraduate or graduate ombudsperson at: or

A Note about Mandatory Reporting:

If the report involves sexual misconduct,we are required to file a report with the Office of Civil Rights & Sexual Misconduct ( and the Title IX coordinator. 

You can learn more about mandatory reporting below.  

Faculty/TA/Ac. Advisors
Supervisory Staff

Current Places to Report Sexual Harassment, Student Contact, or Hate Bias Issues:

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Phone: 301-405-3555
Email: DiverseTerps [-at-] umd [dot] edu

UMD Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct (OCRSM)

Phone: 301-405-1142
Email: titleixcoordinator [-at-] umd [dot] edu

Prompt reporting is encouraged. Persons may report allegations of sexual misconduct at any time, and are encouraged to report promptly in order to maximize the University’s ability to obtain evidence, identify potential witnesses and conduct a thorough, prompt, and impartial investigation.


UMD Office of Student Conduct

Phone: 301-314-8204

Academic Integrity Referral Form:
Code of Student Conduct Incident Referral Form:

Report An Incident Or Concern Here