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Stay connected to CS @ UMD!  Whether you are a current student, prospective student, or one of our many distinguished alumni, we encourage you to stay informed about current events and department news by connecting with us via various social media outlets:

The Department of Computer Science is committed to fostering relationships with CS alumni. We want to hear about your struggles, help celebrate and honor your successes, and continue to provide opportunities for growth and engagement with the department. Our alumni are always welcome to attend our CS Career Fair (whether as an applicant or an employer) and please stay tuned for upcoming alumni events! For additional information about how to get connected with CS @ UMD, please contact us.

Faculty on Twitter

Photo of Ben Bederson


Ben Bederson
Professor Emeritus
Photo of Aniket Bera


Aniket Bera
Adjunct Associate Professor
Photo of Abhinav Bhatele


Abhinav Bhatele
Associate Professor
Photo of Marine Carpuat


Marine Carpuat
Associate Professor
Photo of John Dickerson


John Dickerson
Associate Professor
Photo of Soheil Feizi


Soheil Feizi
Associate Professor
Photo of Ruohan Gao


Ruohan Gao
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Photo of Jennifer Golbeck


Jennifer Golbeck
Affiliate Professor
Photo of Michael Hicks


Michael Hicks
Professor Emeritus
Photo of Jia-Bin Huang


Jia-Bin Huang
Associate Professor
Photo of Furong Huang


Furong Huang
Assistant Professor
Photo of Dave Levin


Dave Levin
Associate Professor
Photo of Alan Zaoxing Liu


Alan Zaoxing Liu
Assistant Professor
Photo of Ian Miers


Ian Miers
Assistant Professor
Photo of Philip Resnik


Philip Resnik
Affiliate Professor
Photo of Rachel Rudinger


Rachel Rudinger
Assistant Professor
Photo of Ben Shneiderman


Ben Shneiderman
Professor Emeritus
Photo of Abhinav Shrivastava


Abhinav Shrivastava
Assistant Professor
Photo of Pratap Tokekar


Pratap Tokekar
Associate Professor
Photo of David Van Horn


David Van Horn
Associate Professor