Graduate Student Executive Council

The Department of Computer Science Graduate Student Executive Council is a group of graduate students whose purpose is to

  • Sponsor Social Events
  • Encourage Communication between Students and Faculty
  • Encourage Communication among Students

Who is in your Executive Council?

Chair: Emily Hand (emhand@cs)

Vice Chair: Brian Brubach (bbrubach@cs)

Treasurer: Roozbeh Yousefzadeh (roozbeh@cs)


Exec_co-run Events

  • Panels
    • Academic Job (Annual)
    • Fellowships & Awards (Annual)
  • Fall Picnic (Annual)
  • Game Nights (Monthly)
  • Movie Nights (Monthly)
  • Coffee Hour (Monthly)

See upcoming events on our Calendar, and join the Facebook group!

Anyone who wishes to propose an activity, join the executive council, or just otherwise rant and rave can either talk to a member, or send email to exec_co@cs. Please note the spam-buster tactic in that address.