CS Graduate Student Council (CS GradCo)

The Department of Computer Science Graduate Student Council (CS GradCo) is a group of graduate students whose purpose is to

  • Sponsor Social Events
  • Encourage Communication between Students and Faculty
  • Encourage Communication among Students

Who is in GradCo?

Chair: Yuelin Liu (yuelin@umd)

Treasurer: Yehuda Katz (yakatz@cs)


grad_co-run Events

  • Panels
    • Academic Job (Annual)
    • Fellowships & Awards (Annual)
  • Fall Picnic (Annual)
  • Game Nights (Monthly)
  • Movie Nights (Monthly)

Anyone who wishes to propose an activity, join GradCo, or just otherwise rant and rave can either talk to a member, or send email to cs-gradco at umd. Please note the spam-buster tactic in that address.