Combined BS/MS Students

Combined BS/MS Students

For students enrolled in the Combined BS/MS program, this section outlines the specific considerations and requirements you should follow. As MS students, you are subject to the same academic standards and options as traditional MS candidates, with the benefit of integrating certain undergraduate credits into your graduate degree. 

Credit Integration and Coursework Requirements:

  • Double-counted Credits: You are allowed to count up to 9 credits from your undergraduate coursework towards both your BS and MS degrees.
  • Graduate-Level Coursework: In addition, up to 3 credits * of graduate-only courses taken during your undergraduate studies can be applied toward your MS degree requirements by submitting a Graduate Credit Permission form.

*Undergraduate students can transfer up to 12 credits into their MS program. Some students might have the capacity to take more graduate-only courses, which is also permissible. A total of 12 credits can be allocated between double-counting and graduate credit-only courses based on individual study plans.

To ensure these credits are officially recognized towards your MS degree, you must submit the UMD Graduate School Inclusion Form no later than the second semester or the term in which you plan to graduate.

Despite the integrated credit benefits, you are required to complete all standard MS degree requirements outlined in M.S. Degree Requirements.