Scholarly Papers

Below are links to scholarly papers that have been previously submitted to satisfy the Master's of Science degree in CS.
The papers are in pdf format. Click here for the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Year Name Title Advisor(s) PDF
Anis Abboud Equal-area Breaks: A Classification Scheme for Data to Obtain an Evenly-colored Chloropleth Map  Abboud.pdf
Ahmed Abdelkader The Inapproximability of Illuminating Polygons by α-Floodlights  Abdelrazek.pdf
Christopher Ackermann Integrated Functional and Non-Functional Design Verification for Embedded Software Systems  Ackermann.pdf
Marco Adelfio Completion Prediction in Network Coding  Adelfio.pdf
Mudit Agrawal Re-Targetable OCR with Intelligent Character Segmentation  MuditAgrawal.pdf
2020 Sweta Agrawal Controlling Text Complexity in Neural Machine Translation Marine Carpuat  Agrawal, Sweta_scholarly paper.pdf
2020 Omer Akgul Secrecy, Flagging, and Paranoia Revisited: User Attitudes Toward Encrypted Messaging Apps  Akgul, Omer_scholarly paper.pdf
Saeed Alaei Bayesian Combinatorial Auctions: Expanding Single Buyer Mechanisms to Many Buyers  saeed_alaei_scholarly_paper.pdf
Mujtaba Ali Unique Pointers: Performance, Burden and Inference  MujtabaAli.pdf
Christian Almazan Information Dynamics: Understanding Information in Computer and Software Systems  infodynamics.pdf
Rob Argue Supervised learning as a tool for metagame analysis  Argue.pdf
Aleks Aris Ubiquitous Computing  AleksAris_UbiquitousComputing.pdf
William Armstrong Using Topic Models to Investigate Depression on Social Media  Armstrong.pdf
Nima Asadi Pseudo Test Collections for Learning Web Search Ranking Functions  NimaAsadi.pdf
Randolph Baden IP Geolocation in Metropolitan Area Networks  RandolphBaden.pdf
Mossaab Bagdouri Towards Mimizing the Annotation Cost of Certified Text Classification  Bagdouri.pdf
Anand Bahety Extension and Evaluation of ID3 - Decision Tree Algorithm  Bahety.pdf
Arun Balasubramanian Dynamic Decentralized Preemptive Scheduling across Heterogenous Multi-core Desktop Grids  Balasubramanian.PDF
Adam Bender Privacy in Revealed and Dependent Databases  AdamBender.pdf
Greg Benjamin Secure k-anonymous Communication Protocols with Misbehavior Detection  Benjamin.pdf
Konstantin Berlin SignalDraw: GUI Tool For Generating Pulse Sequences  berlin.pdf
Preeti Bhargava An ontological context model for representing a situation and the design of an intelligent context-aware middleware  Bhargava.pdf
Souvik Bhattacherjee A Storage Framework for Managing Scientific Data  SouvikB.pdf
Sujal Bista Global Contours  SujalBista.pdf
Arijit Biswas Active Image Clustering: Seeking Constraints from Humans to Complement Algorithms  Biswas.pdf
2020 Sigurthor Bjorgvinsson In Search of a Generic Deepfake Detector Adam Porter  Sigurthor_Bjorgvinsson_Scholarly_Paper_Deepfakes.pdf
Jeffrey Blank Evaluating Window Placement for Hypertext-based Source Code Exploration Tools  jblank.pdf
Joshua Bradley A filtering strategy to reduce reference bias in measurements of allele-specific expression  JoshBradley.pdf
Matthias Broecheler Using Histograms to Better Answer Queries to Probabilistic Logic Programs  Broecheler.pdf
Joshua Brule PSCAN: Parallel, density-based clustering of protein sequences  Brule.pdf
Dan Bucatanschi RITIS Development Framework  Bucatanschi.pdf
Steven Burgart Gap Trap: A Pothole Detection and Reporting System Utilizing Mobile Devices  Burgart.pdf
George Caragea Data Prefetching on a Manycore Architecture Case Study: The XMT Platform  caragea_scholarly_paper.pdf
Carlos Castillo Using Stereo Matching for 2-D Face Recognition Across Pose  carlos-castillo.pdf
Victoria Cepeda Reference-guided Assembly of Metagenomic Sequences  CepedaEspinoza.pdf
Timur Chabuk Integrating Knowledge-Based and Case-Based Reasoning  TimurChabuk.pdf
2017 Des Chandhok MC3: A Multi-Class Consensus Classification Framework  Chandhok.pdf
2018 Rohan Chandra PhasePack: A Phase Retrieval Library Tom Goldstein  Chandra, Rohan_1801.pdf
Tiffany Chao Exploring personally relevant making  Tiffany Chao.pdf
Daozheng Chen Dynamic Processing Allocation in Video  DaozhengChen.pdf
Jun-Cheng Chen Ambiguities in Camera Self-Calibration  ChenJC.pdf
Ping Chen The Adaptive Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Method  adaptive.pdf
Ray Chen Finding Chapel's Peak: Introducing Auto-Tuning to the Chapel Parallel Programming Language  RayChen.pdf
2018 Javran Cheng Adding Gradual Types to Existing Languages  Cheng, Javran_1801.pdf
2018 Ronald Cheng D2PI: Identifying Malware through Deep Packet Inspection with Deep Learning  Cheng, Ronald_1801.pdf
Kan-Leung Cheng Emergence of Cooperative Societies in Evolutionary Games Using a Social Orientation Model  KLCheng.pdf
Hyunjong Cho Evaluation of LC-KSVD on UCF101 Action Dataset  HyunjongCho.pdf
Hyoungtae Cho Coinonia: Privacy-Aware Meeting Scheduler based on Location-Based Services for Mobile Users  HyoungtaeCho.pdf
Nathaniel Crowell Parallel Algorithms for Graph Problems  NCrowell.pdf
Amanda Crowell A Survey of Access Control Policies  ACrowell.pdf
Tim Destan Large Scale Entity Resolution of Quiz Bowl Questions  Destan.pdf
2017 Matthew Devlin Action-Based Learning: A Proposal for Robust Gesture & Object Recognition using Spatio-Temporal Domain Models  Devlin.pdf
Khoa Doan Performance Comparison of Big-Data Technologies in Locating Intersections in Satellite Ground Tracks  Doan.pdf
Justin Domke A Probabilistic Framework for Correspondence and Egomotion  JustinDomke.pdf
Ryan Dorson Analyzing the results of a usability study on CrosScan within the framework of the Android Design Principles and Material Design  Dorson.pdf
2017 Fan Du EventAction: Visual Analytics for Temporal Event Sequence Recommendation  FanDu.pdf
Ruofei Du The Design and Preliminary Evaluation of a Finger-Mounted Camera and Feedback System to Enable Reading of Printed Text for the Blind  RuofeiDu.pdf
Thomas DuBois Key Exchange with Cards: Generating Extra Bits in Expectation  TomDubois.pdf
Cody Dunne Improving Graph Drawing Readability by Incorporating Readability Metrics: A Software Tool for Network Analysts  CodyDunneUpdate.pdf
Cyntrica Eaton Improving Browsing Environment Compliance Evaluations for Websites  EatonScholarly.pdf
Aleksandrs Ecins Shadow free segmentation in still images using local density measure  Ecins.pdf
2018 Ryan Eckenrod Tracking Buses to Track Smartphone Users  Eckenrod, Ryan_1801.pdf
Soheil Ehsani Subcubic Equivalences Between APSP, Co-Diameter, and Other Complementary Problems  Ehsani.pdf
Vladimir Eidelman Language Model and Grammar Extraction Variation in Machine Translation  vladimir_eidelman_ms_scholarly_paper.pdf
Walaa ElDin M. Moustafa Who should catch (this Exception){?}  WalaaMoustafa.pdf
Tamer Elsayed TDT-2004: Adaptive Topic Tracking at Maryland  tdt2004.pdf
Kevin Engel Learning a Reversi Board Evaluator with Minimax  Engel.pdf
Peter Enns Predicting Viewer Reactions to Discourse in Political Debates  Enns.pdf
Hossein Esfandiari A Tight Algorithm for Strongly Connected Steiner Subgraph on Two Terminals with Demands  Esfandiari.pdf
Ryan Farrell Ad-Hoc Sensor Localization in Active Camera Networks  AdHocLocalization-farrell.pdf
Mohammed Fathy Essential Matrix Estimation Using Adaptive Penalty Formations  Fathy.pdf
2019 Andrew Fichman Vega Postgres Leilani Battle  Fichman, Andrew_scholarly paper.pdf
Iason Filippou Assigning affinity-preserving binary hash codes to images  Filippou.pdf
Darya Filippova Interactive Exploration of Multivariate Categorical Data: Exploiting Ranking Criteria to Reveal Patterns and Outliers  Filippova.pdf
2018 Alejandro Flores-Velazco Nearest Neighbor Condensation with Guarantees  Flores, Alejandro_1801.pdf
Allan Fong Predicting Electrocardiogram and Arterial Blood Pressure Waveforms with Different Echo State Network Architectures  Fong.pdf
Peter Fontana A Combination of Decision Trees and Instance-Based Learning  PeterFontana.pdf
Sorelle Friedler Approximation Algorithm for the Kinetic Robust K-Center Problem  Sorelle.pdf
Brendan Fruin Semantic Cashing for Spatial Mobile Applications  Fruin.pdf
2019 Kelsey Fulton Towards a Customizable Framework for Evaluating Visualization Recommendations Leilani Battle  fulton_scholarly_paper.pdf
2017 Nicholas Fung Toward Real Time Autonomous Robotics Through Integration of Hierarchical Goal Network Planning and Low Level Control Libraries  Fung - HGN Integration.pdf
Michael Furr Checking Type Safety of Foreign Function Calls  furr-scholary.pdf
Vasile Gaburici A Fractional Differencing Method for File System Data Storage and Transmission  fractionaldiff.pdf
Mohammadreza Ghodsi Approximate String Matching using Backtracking over Suffix Arrays  ghodsi.pdf
Milad Gholami Parkbaan  Gholami.pdf
2017 Ahmed Elgohary Ghoneim Learning Monolingual Compositional Representations via Bilingual Supervision  Ghoneim.pdf
2017 Jay Ghurye Better Identification of Repeats in Metagenomic Scaffolding  Ghurye.pdf
Jonathan Gluck Hone: "Scaling Down" Hadoop on Shared-Memory Systems  Gluck.pdf
2017 Ujjwal Goel Taxonomy Tree Alignment  Goel.pdf
Samuel Dov Gordon Complete Fairness in Multi-Party Computation Without an Honest Majority  DovGordon.pdf
Nick Gramsky Seeder Finder - Identifying Additional Needles in the Twitter Haystack  Gramsky.pdf
David Greenfieldboyce Type Qualifiers for Java  greenfiledboyce.pdf
Adam Groce A New Framework for Efficient Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange  AdamGroce.pdf
Alexander Grushin The Effects of Static Fitness Function Noise Upon the Performance of Genetic Algorithms  staticfitness.pdf
John Alexis Guerra Gomez Interactive Visualizations for Comparing Two Trees with Structure and Node Value Changes  GuerraGomez.pdf
2017 Neal Gupta Teaching Dimension versus VC Dimension  NealGupta.pdf
Abhinav Gupta Constraint Integration for Efficient Multiview Pose Estimation with Self-Occlusions  agupta.pdf
Akhil Gupta Skipping Streams with XHints  xhints.pdf
Neha Gupta Analysis of Computer Clock Characteristics for Location Determination  NehaGupta.pdf
2017 Janani Gururam Performance Tuning and Evaluation of Iterative Algorithms in Spark  Gururam.pdf
Khoa Ha A method for depth-based hand tracing  KhoaHa.pdf
Hamid Haidarian Shahri Grounding the Foundations of Ontology Mapping on Neglected Ambitions  Hamid.pdf
Emily Hand Attributes for Improved Attributes  EmilyHand.pdf
Eric Hardisty Modeling Perspective Using Adaptor Grammars  Hardisty.pdf
Chaudhry Hassan Afzal High Performance Communication Between Parallel Components  Afzal.pdf
Christopher M. Hayden A Testing Based Empirical Study of Dynamic Software Update Safety Restrictions  hayden.pdf
Yuening Hu Interactive Topic Modeling  YueningHu.pdf
2020 Rangfu Hu Youtube Safety  Hu, Rangfu_Youtube_Safety.pdf
Chang Hu Enhancing Readibility of Scanned Picture Books  changhu.pdf
Mei Huang Multi-Class Document Layout Classification Using Random Chopping  mei%20huang.pdf
Samuel Huang Probabilistic Model Checking of Disease Spread and Prevention  SamHuang.pdf
Mohamed Hussein Real-Time Human Detection in Uncontrolled Camera Motion Environments  hussein.pdf
Phil Huynh An Evaluation of Nearest Neighbor Images-to-Classes versus Nearest Neighbor Images-to-Images  PhilHuynh.pdf
Thuan Huynh Improving Rule Extraction from Neural Networks by Modifying Hidden Layer Representation  thuanhuynh.pdf
Tugrul Ince Profile Driven Selective Program Loading  Ince.pdf
Mohit Iyyer Political Ideology Detection Using Recursive Neural Networks  Iyyer.pdf
2017 Somay Jain Compressed Volume Rendering using Deep Learning  Jain.pdf
2017 Xiaomeng Jiang FriendGuard: A Context-Awareness Mobile App Helps Securing College Female Safety Ashok Agrawala  Xiaomeng, Jiang.pdf
2023 Kevin Hyekang Joo CLIP-TSA: CLIP-Assisted Temporal Self-Attention for Weakly-Supervised Video Anomaly Detection David Jacobs  KevinHyekangJoo_hkjoo_05-2023.pdf
Isaac Julien Aligning Real-Time Opinion Poll Responses with an Expectation-Maximization Algorithm  Julien.pdf
Jin Hyuk Jung Cholesky Decomposition and Linear Programming on a GPA  jjung.pdf
Aditya Kalyanpur Swoop: Design and Architecture of a Web Ontology Browser (/Editor)  swoop.pdf
Bhargav Kanagal Online Filtering, Smoothing and Probabilistic Modeling of Streaming Data  BhargavKanagal.pdf
Alap Karapurkar Modeling Human Activities  karapurkar.pdf
Srinivas Kashyap Node Ranking In Labeled Directed Graphs  noderanking.pdf
2018 Karan Kaur Birds of a Feather Reveal Together: A Promising Approach to Social Network De-Anonymization  Kaur, Karan_1801.pdf
Fatih Kaya Discretizing Continuous Features for Naive Bayes and C4.5 Classifiers  fatih-kaya.pdf
David Kelley Detection and Correction of False Segmental Duplications Caused by Genome Mis-assembly  davidkelley.pdf
Udayan Khurana An Introduction to Temporal Graph Data Management  Khurana_SchPaper.pdf
Angjoo Kim Locally Scale-Invariant Convolutional Neural Networks  AngjooKim.pdf
Jik-Soo Kim Comparing the Performance of High-Level Middleware Systems in Shared and Distributed Memory Parallel Environments  highlevel.pdf
Youngil Kim Virtual MeshTest--Improving Wireless Network Testbed Using Virtualization and Migration Algorithm  YoungilKim.pdf
Morgan Kleene Information Flow Using CQual  MorganKleene.pdf
Ken Knudsen Impact of Collusion and Coalitions in RISK  Knudsen.pdf
Nikolaos Kofinas Leak Finder: A tool for Dynamic Analysis of Android Applications  Kofinas.pdf
Vladimir Kolovski Logic-Based Access Control Policy Specification and Management  VKolovski.pdf
Shravya Konda A Comparative Evaluation of Symbolic Learning Methods and Neural Learning Methods  ShravyaKonda.pdf
2017 Ahmed Kosba Hawk: The Blockchain Model of Cryptography and Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts  Kosba.pdf
Govind Kothari Dirichlet Process based model for GWAS  Govind%20Kothari.pdf
2017 Emily Kowalczyk Piecing Together App Behavior from Multiple Artifacts: A Case Study  Kowalczyk, Emily MS paper.pdf
Albert Koy Subgraphcentric LargeScale Graph Analytics on Spark  AlbertKoy.pdf
Gregory Kramida Resolving the Vergence-Accommodation Conflict in Head Mounted Displays  Kramida.pdf
Shivsubramani Krishnamoorthy Contextual Information Integration Platform for Humanitarian Relief  Krishnamoorthy.pdf
Nicholas Kuilema LockSTM: Mixing Locks and Transcactional Memory  NickKuilema.pdf
Dan Kuklov PEGAGUS--Architecture for Mobility using in situ 802.11 deployments at high velocities  Kuklov-Pegasus.pdf
Jayant Kumar Codebook Based Handwritten and Printed Arabic Text Zone Classification  JayantKumar.pdf
2017 Srijan Kumar Edge Weight Prediction in Weighted Signed Networks  SrijanKumar.pdf
Ashwin Kumar Kayyoor Data Placement and Replica Selection for Improving Co-location in Distributed Environments  Kayyoor.pdf
Ranjit Kumaresan The Round Complexity of Verifiable Secret Sharing: The Statistical Case  Kumaresan.pdf
Jack Kustanowitz Bi-level Hierarchical Layouts for Photo Libraries: Algorithms for Design Optimization with Quantum Content  BiLevlHierarchicalLayouts_submitted.pdf
Michael Lam Dynamic Floating-Point Cancellation Detection  MikeLam.pdf
Rongjian Lan The Picture of Health: Map-Based, Collaborative Spatio-Temporal Disease Tracking  Rongjian Lan.pdf
Grecia Lapizco-Encinas Effects of Cheaters in Altrustic Signaling  cheaters.pdf
2018 Tara Larrue Denoising Videos with Convolutional Autoencoders  Larrue, Tara_1801.pdf
Jaehwan Lee Decentralized Resource Management for Multi-core Desktop Grids  Jaehwan_Lee.pdf
Joonghoon Lee Exploring Global Terrorism Data: A Web-based Visualization of Temporal Data  JoonghoonLee.pdf
Hanseung Lee A New Visual Language for Incremental Generation of Visual Representations  HanseungLee.pdf
Vasileios Lekakis Topology Independence and Information Leakage in Replicated Storage Systems  Lekakis.pdf
Ang Li Planar Structure Matching Under Projective Uncertainty for Geolocation  AngLi.pdf
Qianwen Li SymDroid: A Symbolic Executor to Identify Activity Permission in Android Application  QianwenLi.pdf
2018 Tongyang Li Efficient simulation of sparse Markovian quantum dynamics Andrew Childs  Li, Tongyang_1801_1.pdf
2018 Tongyang Li Quantum SDP Solvers: Large Speed-ups, Optimality, and Applications to Quantum Learning Xiaodi Wu  Li, Tongyang_1801_2.pdf
2018 Tongyang Li Quantum query complexity of entropy estimation Xiaodi Wu  Li, Tongyang_1801_3.pdf
2018 Yancy Liao Supplementing information theory with opposite polarity of amino acids for protein contact prediction  Liao, Yancy_1801.pdf
Michael Lieberman You Are Where You Edit: Locating Wikipedia Users Through Edit Histories  Lieberman.pdf
Naiwen Lin QR and RNG in Flagon, Web Service Composition with User Preferences  NaiwenLin.pdf
Liping Liu Implementation of LU  LipingLiu.pdf
Ran Liu ManyLists: Product Comparison Tool Using Spatial Layouts with Animated Transitions  RanLiu.pdf
John Locke LeechLock: Preventing Selfish Clients in the BitTorrent Protocol  JohnLocke.pdf
Teng Long Overlap and Synergy in Testing Software Components Across Loosely-Coupled Communities  TengLong.pdf
Cristian Lumezanu Decentralized Message Ordering  Lumezanu.pdf
Yuancheng Luo Alternative Tilings for the Fast Multipole Method on the Plane  YuanchengLuo.pdf
Matthew Mah Device-Free Passive Localization  MatthewMah.pdf
Hitesh Maidasani A Context-Aware Amusement Park  Maidasani.pdf
Azarakhsh Malekian Improved Algorithms for Data Migration  malekian.pdf
Sana Malik Punctuation Input on Touchscreen Keyboards: Analyzing Frequency of Use and Costs  Malik.pdf
Varun Manjunatha Supervised Image Hashing with Proximal Methods  Manjunatha.pdf
Rahmatri Mardiko Predicting Users' First Impressions of Website Aesthetics With a Quantification of Perceived Visual Complexity and Colorfulness  Mardiko.pdf
Elizabeth McNany Metacognitive Guidance in a Dialog Agent  McNany.pdf
Nargess Memarsadeghi Cokriging Interpolation  cokriging.pdf
David Mihalcik The Design and Implementation of ViPER  davidm-viper.pdf
Casey Mihaloew Automated search for randomized algorithms for recursive 3-MAJ and 5-MAJ  Mihaloew.pdf
2018 Pouya Moetakef Minimum capacity full array escape routing Samir Khuller  Pouya Motakef - scholarly_report.pdf
Derek Monner An Unsupervised Learning Method for Representing Simple Sentences  DerekMonner.pdf
Megan Monroe Exploring Point and Interval Event Patterns: Display Methods and Interactive Visual Query  MeganMonroe.pdf
Chris Musialek Distill-ery: Iterative Topic Modeling to Improve the Content Analysis Process  Musialek.pdf
Galileo Namata Inferring Formal Titles in Organizational Email Archives  GalileoNamata.pdf
2017 Kartik Nayak An Oblivious Parallel RAM with O(log2N) Parallel Runtime  Nayak.pdf
Sonia Ng Zeng Spot and Park: Where Mobile Technology Meets Parking Management  Ng%20Zeng.pdf
Bao Nguyen Top-k Queries in Uncertain OLAP  BaoNguyen.pdf
Morimichi Nishigaki Color Segmentation-based Optical Flows Computation and Motion Segmentation  MNishigaki.pdf
2017 Xing Niu Parallel Training Data Selection for Conversational Machine Translation  Niu.pdf
Angela Noh ConfViz: Supportive Configuration Visualization for Guaranteed Coverage Analysis  AngelaNoh.pdf
Neeti Ogale A survey of techniques for human detection from video  neetiPaper.pdf
Joseph Owen Crowdsourcing Bikeshare Transit Planning: An Empirical Investigation of Washington D.C. and New York City  JosephOwen_Bikeshare.pdf
Matthew Paisner Symbolic Anomaly Detection and Assessment Using Growing Neural Gas  Paisner.pdf
Martin Paraskevov The Geometric Set k-cover problem through the prism of polychromatic colorings of range spaces and planar graphs  Paraskevov.pdf
Eunhui Park A Dynamic Data Structure for Approximate Range Searching  EunhuiPark.pdf
Sungwoo Park Portfolio Selection Using Tikhonov Filtering to Estimate the Covariance Matrix  Sungwoo%20Park_Scholarly%20Paper.pdf
Nir Peer AlwaySocial: Social Networking in the Real World  NirPeer.pdf
Shangfu Peng SPDO: High-Throughput Road Distance Computations on Spark Using Distance Oracles  ShangfuPeng.pdf
2017 Thomas Pensyl Partial rounding and near-independence  Pensyl.pdf
2018 Ivan Petrov Measuring the Rapid Growth of HSTS and HPKP Deployments Dave Levin  Petrov, Ivan_1801.pdf
Adam Phillippy Optimized Probe Selection for Pan-genomic DNA Microarrays  phillippy.pdf
Manish Purohit Improved algorithms and analysis for the laminar matroid secretary problem  Purohit.pdf
Qiang Qiu A Unified Approach for Modeling and Recognition of Individual Actions and Group Activities  Qiang%20Qiu.pdf
Alexander Quinn Readability of Scanned Books in Digital Libraries  AlexQuinn.pdf
Eric Raboin Generating Strategies for Multi-Agent Pursuit-Evasion Games in Partially Observable Euclidean Space  Raboin.pdf
Prahalad Rajkumar A Survey of Monte-Carlo Techniques in Games  Rajkumar.pdf
Srividya Ramaswamy Comparing the Efficiency of Two Clustering Techniques  Srividya_Ramaswamy.pdf
Sudha Rao Parser for Abstract Meaning Representation using Learning to Search  SudhaRao-1.pdf
Sudha Rao Biomedical event extraction using Abstract Meaning Representation  SudhaRao-2.pdf
2018 Elissa Redmiles Net Benefits: Digital Inequities in Social Capital, Privacy Preservation, and Digital Parenting Practices of U.S. Social Media Users  Redmiles, Elissa_1801.pdf
Elnatan Reisner Using Symbolic Evaluation to Understand Behavior in Configurable Software Systems  Reisner.pdf
2020 Tamer Rogabi ShadowNet: Deep Learning for Adding Shadows to a Scene  Mograbi, Tomi_Scholarly paper.pdf
Patrick Roos Risk Preference and Sequential Choice in Evolutionary Games  PatrickRoos.pdf
Brianne Roth An Alternative Method for Computing the Semidiscrete Matrix Decomposition  rothpaper.pdf
David Rouff Concept Map: Visualizing Data Clusters in Categorical Domains  DavidRouff.pdf
Nickolas Rutar Optimized Register Usage for Dynamic Instrumentation  Rutar.pdf
2017 Karthik Abinav Sankararaman Semi-Bandit feedback: A survey of results  Sankararaman.pdf
Brianna Satinoff An Evaluation of Two Algorithms for Hierarchically Semiseparable Matrices  Satinoff.pdf
Asad Sayeed Prepositions and scrambling: potential consequences for the architecture of language  Sayeed.pdf
Hassan Sayyadi FutureRank: Ranking Scientific Articles by Predicting Their Future  sayyadi.pdf
Patricia J. Sazama An Overview of Visualizing Dynamic Graphs  Sazama.pdf
Michael Schatz BlastReduce: High Performance Short Reading Mapping with MapReduce  MichaelSchatz.pdf
Aaron Schulman On the Fidelity of 802.11 Packet Traces  schulman.pdf
Rachel Schwartz An Efficient Implementation of the Robust k-Center Clustering Problem  Rachel_Schwartz.pdf
Jessica Seastrom Characterizing Transport Layer Behavior in the MeshTest Wireless Testbed  Seastrom.pdf
Emre Sefer Metric Labeling and Semi-metric Embedding for Protein Annotation Prediction  Sefer.pdf
Yoav Segev Complete Domain Decomposition A new approach to communication avoidance when solving boundary value problems in a parallel environment  Segev.pdf
Vivek Sehgal Entity Resolution in Geospatial Data Integration  sehgal.pdf
Paulo Shakarian SCARE: The Spatio-Cultural Abductive Reasoning Engine  Shakarian.pdf
2017 Amr Sharaf Variance Reduction for Structured Prediction with Bandit Feedback  sharaf.pdf
Hossam Sharara Understanding Actor Loyalty to Event-Based Groups in Affiliation Networks  HossamSharara.pdf
Puneet Sharma A method to efficiently select the suitable barrier algorithm during the system characterization task  PuneetSharma.pdf
Sameer Shirdhonkar Non-Negative Lighting and Specular Object Recognition  Specular.pdf
2017 Ashwin Shivapuram A Parallel Hybrid Framework for Graph Processing  Shivapuram.pdf
Behjat Siddiquie Combining Multiple Kernels for Efficient Image Classification  Siddiquie.pdf
Tandeep Sidhu Spot and Park: Parking Management System  Sidhu.pdf
Gerardo Simari Computing Most Probable Worlds for Action Probabilistic Logic Programs  GerardoSimari.pdf
Evren Sirin Automated Composition of Web Services using AI Planning Techniques  aiplanning.pdf
Amy Sliva Find Most Probable Worlds of Probablistic Logic Programs: a Parallel Approach  AmySliva.pdf
Charles Song Evaluating and Tuning Predictors for Execution Classification  CharlesSong.pdf
Hyunyoung Song CubeExplore: An Evaluation of Interaction Techniques in Architectural Education  hsong_scholarly.pdf
Sukhyun Song Decentralized Pairwise Bandwidth Prediction  SukhyunSong.pdf
Awalin Sopan Application of Manynets to Analyze Dynamic Networks and Compare Oline Communities  Sopan.pdf
Sharath Srinivas Indexing Techniques for Temporal Text Containment Queries  sharathsrinivas.pdf
2017 Virinchi Srinivas Framework for Replaying Transactions Using Dependency Graph Daniel Abadi  virinchi_paper.pdf
2017 Rock Stevens Summoning Demons: The Pursuit of Exploitable Bugs in Machine Learning  Stevens.pdf
Jaymie Strecker An Empirical Evaluation of Test Adequacy Criteria for Event-Driven Programs  strecker.pdf
2017 Octavian Suciu Vulnerability Disclosure in the Age of Social Media: Exploiting Twitter for Predicting Real-World Exploits  Suciu.pdf
2018 Xuetong Sun View-Dependent Text Placement for Augmented Reality using Offset Surfaces Amitabh Varshney  Sun, Xuetong_1801.pdf
Jared Sylvester Maximizing Diffusion on Dynamic Social Networks  Sylvester.pdf
Nicholas Sze Construction of Composite Numbers by Recursively Exponential Numbers  sze.pdf
2020 Ahmed Taha Kid-Net: Convolution Networks for Kidney Vessels Segmentation from CT-Volumes Larry Davis  Taha, Ahmed_MS Scholarly.pdf
Dave Tahmoush Computer Vision and Learning Approaches to Medical Imaging  compvision.pdf
Sureyya Tarkan The Formal Specification of a Kitchen Environment  Tarkan.pdf
Benjamin Teitler NewsStand: A New View on News  Teitler.pdf
Alison Teoh Reuse for Code-Level Generalization  Teoh.pdf
Shashvat Thakor An Empirical Comparison of Fault-Detection Effectiveness and Cost of Exhaustive and Pair-Wise Testing  ShashvatThakor.pdf
2020 Jessica Thompson Applying Boosting Techniques to the training of RBMs and VAEs  Thompson, Jessica_MS_Scholarly paper.pdf
Ananta Tiwari Auto-tuning Parallel Programs at Compiler- and Application-Levels  Tiwari.pdf
Mohammad Toossi AYAC: A Probabilistic Complex Event Processor for Incomplete Streams  toossi-ayac.pdf
Khoa Trinh A Survey of Algorithms for Capacitated k-median Problems  Trinh.pdf
Jonathan Turpie MultiOtter: Multiprocess Symbolic Execution  Turpie.pdf
Alexandros Tzannes Automatic XMTC to Cilk Translation  Tzannes.pdf
Praveen Vaddadi Selfishness, Cooperation and Topology Dynamics in Networks  Vaddadi.pdf
Michael VanDaniker Visualizing Real-Time and Archived Traffic Incident Data  VanDaniker.pdf
Maria Vanina Martinez An Axiomatic Approach to Measure the Degree of Dirtiness in Relational Databases  Martinez.pdf
Balaji Vasan Srinivasan Fast Matrix-Vector Product Based FGMRES for Kernel Machines  Srinivasan.pdf
Marcelo Velloso Computing 3D Curvature through a Bucket PR Octree  Velloso.pdf
Nicholas Violi Caretaker: A Social Game for Studying Trust Dynamics  NicholasVioli.pdf
2017 Yogarshi Vyas Sparse BilingualWord Representations for Cross-lingual Lexical Entailment  Vyas.pdf
Nathaniel Waisbrot Hybrid Techniques for Classical Planning  waisbrot.pdf
2017 Faizan Wajid CrimeStand: Spatial Tracking of Criminal Activity  Wajid.pdf
Xu Wang From Centralization to Distribution: a Comparison of File Sharing Protocols  XuWang.pdf
2018 Gavin Watson A Comparison of Header and Deep Packet Features when Detecting Network Intrusions  Watson, Gavin_1801.pdf
2018 Ashton Webster An Application of Jeeves for Honeypot Sanitization  Webster, Ashton_1801.pdf
Brandyn White Towards Flexible Classification: Cost-Aware Online Query of Cascades and Operating Points  BrandynWhite.pdf
R. Kent Wills Efficient Sentiment Analysis of Feeds for Rapid User Information Gain  Wills.pdf
Shomir Wilson An Active Logic Approach to Moore&#39s Paradox  ShomirWilson.pdf
Peratham Wiriyathammabhum Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing: Recent Approaches in Multimedia and Robotics  PerathamW.pdf
Krist Wongsuphasawat Finding Comparable Patient Histories: A Temporal Categorical Similarity Measure with an Interactive Visualization  Wongsuphasawat.pdf
Derek Wood Improving genome start site annotations with multiple alignments of homologous proteins  DerekWood.pdf
Shanchan Wu An Approximate Scheme to Mine Frequent Patterns over Data Streams  ShanchanWu.pdf
Qian Wu Spatial Hashtags in Tweets  QianWu.pdf
2017 Konstantinos Xirogiannopoulos Extracting and Analyzing Hidden Graphs from Relational Databases  Xirogiannopoulos.pdf
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Jihwang Yeo WLAN Workload Characterization  wlan.pdf
Arkady Yerukhimovich A General Framework for One Database Private Information Retrieval  Arkady-pircomp.pdf
Hyoungjune Yi Detecting semi-specular reflection component from a sequence of images  H%20Yi.pdf
Konstantinos Zampogiannis Manipulation action representations via tracking object-wise spatial relations  Zampogiannisrev.pdf
Nico Zazworka Tool Supported Detection and Judgment of Nonconformance in Process Execution  Zazworka.pdf
Ke Zhai Using Variational Inference and MapReduce to Scale Topic  KeZhai.pdf