Graduating PhDs

Current PhD students cleared for graduation are listed below.

Last First E-mail Web
Photo of Ahmed Abdelkader Abdelrazek Abdelkader Abdelrazek   Ahmed akader [at] (email) homepage
Photo of Victoria Cepeda Espinoza Cepeda Espinoza   Victoria vcepeda [at] (email)
Photo of Bor-Chun (Sirius) Chen Chen   Bor-Chun (Sirius) sirius [at] (email) homepage
Photo of Seokbin Kang Kang   Seokbin sbkang [at] (email)
Photo of Tongyang Li Li   Tongyang tongyang [at] (email) homepage
Photo of Brianna Ren Ren   Brianna bren [at] (email)
Photo of Hong Wei Wei   Hong email homepage
Photo of Zuxuan Wu Wu   Zuxuan zxwu [at] (email)
Photo of Konstantinos Xirogiannopoulos Xirogiannopoulos   Konstantinos kostasx [at] (email) homepage
Photo of Hadi Yami Yami   Hadi hadiyami [at] (email)