Reports & Action Plans


Action items accomplished as of Februray 2, 2021 include:

  • Over 20 signatures on the Blacks in Computing Call to Action
  • Incident reporting site launched
  • Created the new diversity tab on the department website with report action
  • 4 faculty and 5 staff committed to attended Computing Diversity Conferences
  • Launched a new mailing list for Black and Indigous People of Color (BIPOC)
  • Administered the entry level survey each semester
  • Participation with the CRA Data Buddies survey effort for the 4th year
  • Obtained NSF approval for Departmental plan for Broadening Participation in Computing
  • Created a Black Lives Matter Letter with specific actions that are updated each semester
  • Added a member of the CS Diversity Committee to the Faculty Hiring Committee
  • Promoted UMD to potential applicants at diversity-focused conferences for grad and faculty hiring
  • Created a spreadsheet to help the department keep track of more places we can advertise our faculty job openings to further broaden the applicant pool
  • Proposed a new course for undergraduate research (CMSC499C)
  • Collected data on the research accomplishments of undergraduate students (undergraduate research highlights)
  • Piloted a new program to give grad applicants early feedback on their application materials, geared towards supporting applicants from underrepresented groups
  • Grad Recruitment: Submission of Flagship and Diversity Fellowships
  • Formed an Anti-Racism Learning Community
  • Department of Computing Science Spring 2021 round table focused on the ODI Anti-Racism Toolkit
  • Received the Break Through Tech DC expansion grant
  • Co-hosted the Coded Bias movie screening and panel with I4C, SEE, and CMNS with over 500+ registered
  • Formalized the Teaching Assistant Training including offering an 1 credit course 
  • Created new recruitment efforts for undergraduate students from underrepresented populations by mailing post cards and hosted an open house for admitted students
  • Added graduate school admission waivers for students who attend Diversity in Computing conferences

I4C Annual Reports

NCWIT Learning Circles

Beginning in Spring 2019, the University of Maryland Computer Science Department participated in the National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT) Learning Circles program. A task force of faculty and staff  was created to lead the NCWIT Learning Circles effort and complete a 360-degree view of our computer science undergraduate program.During this project, the Committee worked closely with the NCWIT Extension Services Consultant (ESC) and NCWIT social scientists. The ESC directly guided the Committee in using evidence-based practices and methods for recruiting and retaining women at the University of Maryland. 

Recommendations from this effort included: