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Colin Galen, Shayan Chashm Jahan and Cheng-Yuan Lee advance to the ICPC World Finals, which will be held in Kazakhstan in September 2024. 
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Rathbun was awarded a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate fellowship for her work in AI and sensor fusion.
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Herath’s research focuses on integrating and utilizing machine learning techniques to enhance and optimize array signal processing for radar applications.
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Miers, an expert in cryptography, was recognized for his pioneering work involving the security of blockchain transactions.
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Second-year Ph.D. student Amisha Bhaskar is developing a robotic system to enhance autonomy for people with mobility issues.
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Graduate and undergraduate students reflect on a journey of academic progress and achievements.
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Huang is leading one of only 35 projects nationwide selected for the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR) program.
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