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They urge robot manufacturers to conduct additional safety research before integrating language and vision models into their hardware.
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Students displayed innovative tech projects and cultivated professional skills in a collaborative, industry-supported setting.
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In an interview with Roadmap Magazine, Daumé emphasized the need to stop worrying about autonomous AI systems and start prioritizing systems that help people.
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Gossiping offers unexpected benefits beyond idle chitchat, according to a study conducted by UMD and Stanford researchers.
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Capital One created a campus Tech Incubator at UMD, where students worked on emerging AI and ML capabilities that will transform the financial services industry.
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In 2021, UMD joined the Aspire Alliance, renowned for its commitment to addressing underrepresentation in STEM from marginalized backgrounds.
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Through his startup LearnPrompting, Schulhoff developed a free online course that teaches the basics of using ChatGPT as your very own personal assistant. 
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Soheil Feizi talks with the BBC and discusses Meta's recent measures to label AI-generated images and explores their viability.

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