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End-to-end Security for Web Applications
We have been exploring ways in which a programming language can be used to ensure that web applications correctly enforce their security policies. Prior work has focused on the enforcement of information flow policies. We aim to go beyond this.

So far, we have developed a core programming calculus in which a wide range of policies, including access control, data provenance tracking, stateful information disclosure policies, and various forms of information flow policies can all be reliably enforced. Some of these ideas have been implemented in a language we call "Security-Enhanced Links," an extension of the Links web programming language.

We have used SELinks to build two secure web applications. Our experience indicates that it is relatively easy to use SELinks to ensure that an application correctly enforces several common policies.

The initial release of SELinks is available:

Our largest example of a SELinks program is SEWiki. This is a secure online document management system that enforces a fine-grained access control policy on each document, and even on fragments of documents. We also use SELinks to accurately track provenance information in SEWiki, like edit histories of each document. You can experiment with SEWiki here.

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Verified Enforcement of Stateful Information Release Policies
Nikhil Swamy and Michael Hicks
In Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Programming Langauges and Analysis for Security, June 2008.
(One of two best papers; selected for publication in SIGPLAN Notices.)
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