Combinatorics and Algorithms for Real Problems

Previous Students: Where are they now?

Grad School

Many of the students in the program from 2013–2017 have gone to grad school, most for PhD programs. Schools they have gone to include:

Boulder joint Cog Sci program (1)

Cal Tech (1)

Carnegie Mellon University (2)

Cornell (5)

Duke (1)

Georgia Tech (1)

Harvard (1)

MIT (1)

NC state (1)

Northwestern (2)

Princeton (2)

RPI (1)

Univ of Illinois at Urbana (1)

Univ of MD at College Park (6)

Univ of Texas at Austin (1)

Univ of Washington (3)

Waterloo (1)

Two have won NSF fellowships

For all of them, having done research over the summer in our REU program helped them (1) get into grad school, and (2) know what to expect there.


Others have gone to industry. Several have gone to Google (5), some have gone to Finance (3). All are in the computer science field.

For all of them, the experience working on team projects over the summer in our REU program helped them.

How do I know all of this?

The student testimonials, under Previous REU programs, indicate that the above is true! Also talking to them after they leave the program.