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Publications that Came up of
REU-CAAR 2013-2017


  1. Crowdsourcing Bikeshare Planning: An Empirical Analysis of Citizen Votes, Bike Station Placement, and Actual Systems Usage in Washington DC and New York City. Conference of Research Experience for Undergraduates Student Scholarship, Westin Arlington Gateway, Arlington Virginia, Octobers 27-28, 2013. (They presented a poster. No paper available.)

  1. On the Effectiveness of Pre-Processing for Cracking Salted Passwords by Evangelista, Katz, Lowe, Schneider, Taylor, Thiruvengadam, Viterick. SALT
  2. Ramsey Game Numbers by William Gasarch, Clyde Kruskal, Dao Lu, Eric Weaver, Natalie Wilkinson. RAMSEYGAMES
  3. Busy time scheduling on a Bounded Number of Machines WADS-2017 (Workshop on Data Structures). Frederic Koelher and Samir Khuller. BUSY


  1. Algorithms for Scheduling Data Centers & Assembly Systems by Murray, Chao, Khuller. Conference on undergraduate research, Oct 25-26, 2015. POSTER

  2. Scheduling Distributed Clusters of Parallel Machines: Primal-Dual and LP-based Approximation Algorithms, by Murray, Chao, Khuller. Conference Version at ESA-2016 (European Symposium on Algorithms). To Appear in Algorithmica. CONF

  3. Symmetric-Key Broadcast Encryption: The Multi-Sender Case by Freitag, Katz, Klein. Submitted to Journal of Crypto. SYMMKEY
  4. On SAT solvers and Ramsey-type numbers by Canakci, Christenson, Fleischman, McNabb, and Smolyak. Presented at American Math Society Regional Meeting, Rutgers New Jersey, October 2015. SATRAMSEY
  5. Forays into Van der Waerden Games by Cheu and Kiffer. VDWGAMES
  6. Basic Network Creation Games on Weighted Graphs by Hajiaghayi, Martin-Noble, Seddighin, Wilson.


  1. Elementary Methods vs Generation Functiosn: Loaded Dice By Berlanga, Gasarch, and Tian. FAIR-LOADED-DICE
  2. Approximate Fair Loaded Dice By Berlanga, Gasarch, and Tian. APPROX-FAIR-LOADED-DICE
  3. Select and Permute: An Improved Online Framework for Scheduling to Minimnize Weighted Completion Time by Khuller, Li, Sturmfels, Sun, Venkat. SCHEDULE Accepted to LATIN 2018.
  4. Incentivizing Double-Spend Collusion in Bitcoin By Kevin Liao and Jon Katz. BITCOIN-DOUBLE
  5. On the Algebraic Eraser and the Ben-Zvi, Blackburn, and Tsaban Attack by Cioffi, Latz, Liu, and Soria. ERASER
  6. The Can't Stop Game by Canakci, Serrano, Roy, and Kruskal CANTSTOP
  7. Incentivising Blockchain Forks via Whale Transactions by Kevin Liao and Jon Katz. Fourth Workshop on Bitcoin and Blockchain Research (Financial Cryptography and Data Security) BITCOIN-FORK
  8. Experts, Crowdsourcing, and Machine Assessment of Suicide Risk via online postings by Han-Chin Shing, Suray Nari, Ayah Zirikly, Meir Friedenberg, Hal Duame III, Philip Resnik. Proceedings of the fifth workshop on Compuatational Linguistics and Clinical Psychology: From Keyboard to Clinic, June 5, 2018. EXPERTS


  1. The diverse cohort selection problem: Multi armed bandits with varied pulls. by Candice Pullman, Samsara Counts, Jefferey Foster, John Dickerson. Submitted to ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (ACM FAT). (Prelim version did appear at the Women in Machine Learning Workshop at NIPS 2017, and the Aligned AI Workshop at NIPS 2017.
  2. Maximizing final winnings on Jeopardy! by Jessica Abramsom, Natalie Collina, William Gasarch. Presented at Regional AMS meeting in October 2018 (Buffalo). Submitted to College Math Journal. JEOP
  3. Side-Channel Attacks on BTrees by Dachman Dana-Soled, Shir Maimon, Robert Metzger, Stuart Nevans Locke, Aria Shahverdi, Laura B. Sullivan-Russett. To be submitted to CCS 2018 (ACM conf on Computers and Communications Security). SIDECHANNEL
  4. Job-Resource scheduling Problems By Tu Luan and Samir Khuller. To be submitted to ALENEX 2019 (Algorithmic Engineering and Experiements).
  5. UMD Rideshare Website by Xi Chen (mentored by Samir). This is a website to organize car pooling that may be used by UMCP. RIDESHARE
  6. PhasePack: A Phase Retrieval Library by Rohan Chandra, Ziyuan Zhong, Justin Hontz, Val McCulloh, Christoph Studer, Tom Goldstein. Asilomar conference on Signals, Systems, and Computing, 2017. PhasePack Paper, PhasePack Package


  1. Competing (Semi)-Selfish Miners in Bitcoin. by Francisco J Marmolejo-Cossio, Eric Brigham, Jon Katz, Benjamin Sela, ACM Conference on Advances in Financial Technologies 2019. MinersforBitcoin

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