Presentations by Ben Shneiderman

Highly Integrative Basic and Responsive Research (HIBAR): Partnerships for Discovery & Innovation
National Academies Government, University, Industry Research Roundtable Webinar
May 22, 2017, Washington, DC
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The Event Quartet: How Visual Analytics Works for Temporal Data
Ben Shneiderman (October 24, 2016)
The Event Event: Workshop on Temporal & Sequential Event Analytics:
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Test of Time Award: Workshop on Beyond Time And Errors: Novel Evaluation Methods For Visualization
Ben Shneiderman (October 24, 2016)
“Strategies for evaluating information visualization tools: Multi-dimensional In-depth Long-term Case studies (MILCs)”
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The New ABCs of Research: Achieving Breakthrough Collaborations
Ben Shneiderman (April 2016)
UC-Irvine, Stanford University, New York University, Princeton University
The New ABCs of Research
Ben Shneiderman (October 2015)
University of Maryland Institute for Systems Research
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Treemap Art Project: Aesthetics in Information Visualization
Ben Shneiderman (July 2015)
Anderson Ranch, Snowmass, CO
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Tableau Customer Conference
Visualization of Electronic Health Records
Ben Shneiderman (October 2013)
Introduction to NodeXL: Tutorial
Ben Shneiderman (August 2013)
Pacific Visualization Conference
Challenges for Information Visualization Research: Visual Quality and Data Quantity
Ben Shneiderman (March 2012)
Group-In-a-Box Layout for Multi-faceted Analysis of Communities
IEEE Social Computing Conference
Eduarda Rodrigues, Natasa Milic-Frayling, Marc A. Smith, Ben Shneiderman & Derek Hansen (October 2011)
Information Visualization: See Patterns, Gain Insights & Make Decisions
MedStar Innovation Institute Conference
Ben Shneiderman (October 2011)
Project 4: Cognitive Information Design and Visualization
SHARP Electronic Health Records Usability Workshop
Ben Shneiderman, Catherine Plaisant, Surreya Tarkan, Tiffany Chao, Jorge Herskovic, Elmer Bernstram, Elis Markovitz, Chitra Shriram, & Todd Johnson (October 2011)
Summer Social Webshop: Technology-Mediated Social Participation
Summer Social Webshop
Jennifer Preece & Ben Shneiderman (August 2011)
The Next 25 Years of HCI Research: Technology-Mediated Social Participation
Human-Computer Interaction International Conference
Ben Shneiderman (July 2011)
Evidence-based Usability Guidelines for Promoting Safety and Efficacy
Electronic Health Record Workshop
Ben Shneiderman (June 2011)
HCI Research Methods
Ben Shneiderman (January 2008)
The Future of Information Discovery
Ben Shneiderman (February 2008)
Human Values for Shaping the Made World
Ben Shneiderman (September 2007)
A Visual Interface for Multivariate Temporal Data: Finding Patterns of Events across Multiple Histories
Jerry Alan Fails, Amy Karlson, Layla Shahamat, Ben Shneiderman, (November 2006)
Network Visualization by Semantic Substrates
Ben Shneiderman, Aleks Aris (November 2006)
Visualizing Uncertainty: Computer Science Perspective
National Academy of Sciences Workshop
Ben Shneiderman, Alex Pang (March 2005)
The Eyes Have It: User Interfaces for Information Visualization
(October 2000)
(see October 2004 for newer version)
Ben Shneiderman's CHI98 Plenary Address (April 1998)