CMSC 663 | Advanced Scientific Computing

AMSC/CMSC 663-664 is a two-semester project course in which students identify and carry out a scientific computing project with a focus on software development. Students select a faculty member as their project advisor to supervise their work. In addition to code and documentation, course deliverables include a proposal document, proposal presentation, midterm presentation, final presentation, and final report.

Code development is expected to emphasize:
&nbsp&nbsp &#x25CF Validation and unit testing
&nbsp&nbsp &#x25CF Modularity and portability
&nbsp&nbsp &#x25CF Parallelization
&nbsp&nbsp &#x25CF Documentation and distribution


For a complete list of requirements and grading events, see the syllabi. Please note that this is not a qualifying course for CS students.

The basics

Lectures - Tu/Th 2:00-3:15pm.
Location - MATH B0425

      Tom Goldstein: AVW 3141 (pi)
      Jacob Bedrossian: MATH 4413 and CSIC 4129


You must have taken both AMSC/CMSC 660 and 661, or equivalent.

Important dates

Major grading events will take place on the following dates…

  • Sept 24: Proposal report and advisor meetings are completed
  • Sept 25 - Oct 11: Proposal presentations
  • Oct 23-25: Code reviews
  • Oct 30 - Nov 8: Midterm update presentations
  • Nov 13 - 15: Code review
  • Nov 27th: Final presentations begin
  • Dec 10: Final report

See the syllabus for descriptions and requirements of these assignments.