class hours: Tues & Thurs 9:30am - 10:45am    Room: CSIC 3117
Professor:     Dr. Ben Shneiderman
Teaching Assistant:     Georg Apitz

Personal Health and Wellness Projects

Fall 2005

During the Fall 2005 semester, students in CMSC 434 : Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction (Prof. Ben Shneiderman) undertook 13 team projects (3-5 students) devoted to design of personal health and wellness technologies. These included mobile devices, home appliances, desktop applications, and web-based databases. Background literature in academic journals and product descriptions (often on the web) informed these designs. Students went from low-fidelity to high-fidelity prototypes, then conducted a usability study with 4 to 9 participants before making their final improvements. These projects are meant to inspire others to refine and advance these device prototypes.

  • DFS: Diabetes Forecast System (2nd place in the AARP awards)
  • DDAS: Diabetic Data Analysis Software

    Community service support
  • DUSC: Dynamically Updating Service Calendar

    ICDL books
  • GGbooks: Grandparent-Grandchild Book Reading

    Help for Older Adults
  • SDA: Senior Digital Assistant
  • AARPG: AARP Game (3rd place in the AARP awards)

    Healthy Nutrition
  • PN: Prenatal Nutritionist
  • DOT: Digital Obese Tracker
  • myLife: Your First Step Towards a Healthy You

    Medical Support Tools
  • SBPM: Simplified Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Hippocrates Archive: Comprehensive Patient History Search System
  • PerMed: Advanced Reporting Tools for Personal Medical Devices, Medical History Vault
  • PIE: Patient Information and Entertainment (1st place in the AARP awards)

    Topics: Human factors issues in the development of software, use of database systems, and design of user interfaces for interactive systems. Science base (theories, models, usability studies, and controlled experimentation), and software engineering with user interface development environments. Issues include: command languages, menus, forms, and direct manipulation, graphical user interfaces, computer supported cooperative work, information search and visualization, World Wide Web design, input/output devices, and display design.

    Term: Fall 2005
    class hours: Tues & Thurs 9:30am - 10:45am    Room: CSIC 3117

    Professor:     Dr. Ben Shneiderman
    email: ben [AT]    Phone: 301-405-2680
    office hours: Tues & Thurs 11am - noon    Room: AVW 3177

    Teaching Assistant:     Georg Apitz
    email: geapi-434 [AT]
    office hours: Tues & Thurs 2pm - 3pm    Room: AVW 3457

    Books: B. Shneiderman & C. Plaisant, Designing the User Interface, 4th Ed., Addison-Wesley, (2004) ISBN 0-321-19786-0 book webpage

    Slides from lectures by Georg Apitz

  • lecture 11/03
  • lecture 10/13
  • 2nd Flash / 1st midterm review Lecture slides 10/4
  • Intro to Flash Lecture slides 9/22

  • Web Accessibility