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Last First Title Location Phone E-mail Web
Photo of Pedram Sadeghian Sadeghian Pedram Lecturer AVW 3251 52740 pedram [at] (email)
Photo of Prem Saggar Saggar Prem Lecturer 1105 AVW psaggar [at] (email)
Photo of Anirudha (Anirud) Sahoo Sahoo Anirudha (Anirud) Adjunct Professor sahoo [at] (email) homepage
Photo of Hanan Samet Samet Hanan Professor
Distinguished University Professor
4425 51755 hjs [at] (email) homepage
Photo of Vibha  Sazawal Sazawal Vibha Lecturer 4401 51719 vibha [at] (email)
Photo of A. Udaya Shankar Shankar A. Udaya Professor 4141 52688 shankar [at] (email) homepage
Photo of Elaine  Shi Shi Elaine Adjunct Associate Professor Cornell University runting [at] (email) homepage
Photo of Ben Shneiderman Shneiderman Ben Professor Emeritus
Distinguished University Professor
3177 52680 ben [at] (email) homepage
Photo of Abhinav Shrivastava Shrivastava Abhinav Assistant Professor 3209 AV Williams 57952 abhinav [at] (email) homepage
Photo of Aleksandrs Slivkins Slivkins Aleksandrs Adjunct Associate Professor slivkins [at] (email)
Photo of Sukhyun Song Song Sukhyun Research Associate 4165 53593 shsong [at] (email) homepage
Photo of Neil Spring Spring Neil Professor
Associate Chair of Facilities
4133 52909 nspring [at] (email) homepage
Photo of Aravind Srinivasan Srinivasan Aravind Professor 3263 52695 srin [at] (email) homepage
Photo of G.W. (Pete) Stewart Stewart G.W. (Pete) Professor Emeritus
Distinguished University Professor
3265 52681 stewart [at] (email) homepage
Photo of Alan Sussman Sussman Alan Professor 4121 AVW x53360 als [at] (email) homepage