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Last First Title Location Phone E-mail Web
Sridhar Hannenhalli Hannenhalli Sridhar Affiliate Associate Professor 3104G Bio 58219 email
Di-Wei Huang Huang Di-Wei PhD Candidate AVW 3136 email homepage
Hietala Kesha PhD Candidate email
Hung Shih-Han PhD Candidate email
Larry Herman Herman Larry Lecturer 3211 52762 email
Hua He He Hua PhD Candidate email homepage
He Da Master's Candidate email
Michael Hicks Hicks Michael Professor
Associate Chair of Undergraduate Education; Distinguished Scholar-Teacher
3417 AV Williams Building 52710 email homepage
Hand Emily email
Hastings Charles PhD Candidate email
Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth Hollingsworth Jeffrey K. Professor
Interim CIO, University of MD
4155 AVW 52708 email homepage
Stephen Herwig Herwig Stephen PhD Candidate email
Hermida Leandro PhD Candidate email
Michelle Hugue Hugue Michelle Lecturer 1109A 53012 email homepage
Jonggi Hong Hong Jonggi email homepage
Hu Rangfu Master's Candidate email
Babak Hamidzadeh Hamidzadeh Babak Affiliate Associate Professor B0116A Mckeldin Library 40409 email
Liang He He Liang PhD Candidate email homepage
Hanson Jerad Master's Candidate email
John Horty Horty John Affiliate Professor email
Sanghyun Hong Hong Sanghyun PhD Candidate email homepage
Mohammad Hajiaghayi Hajiaghayi Mohammad Professor
Jack and Rita G. Minker Professor
3249 52741 email homepage
Hamlin Adam Master's Candidate email
Furong Huang Huang Furong Assistant Professor 3251 58010 email homepage
Harvey Katura PhD Candidate email
Jennifer Horton Horton Jennifer Academic Advisor 1113 52894 email
Tom Hurst Hurst Tom Assistant Director of Graduate Education 3175 AVW 50771 email
Todd Holden Holden Todd Senior Web Services Developer AVW 4137 56338 email