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What's New with SHOE?

Parallel Understanding Systems Group
Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland at College Park

This page lists the major updates to this site in reverse chronological order.

Oct. 2, 2001Fixed the DAML versions of SHOE ontologies and content pages to be consistent with the March 2001 version of DAML+OIL.
Aug. 6, 2001Added the dissertation Towards the Semantic Web: Knowledge Representation in a Dynamic, Distributed Environment to the list of publications.
Jul. 23, 2001Added the paper A Portrait of the Semantic Web in Action to the list of publications.
Apr. 13, 2001Added some relations and inference rules to the Personal Ontology.
Nov. 9, 2000Made much of the SHOE software and libraries available in the new Downloads section.
Nov. 3, 2000Added a SHOE and DAML page which provides DAML versions of many SHOE ontology and content pages.
Oct. 5, 2000Added a page with annotations for Computer Science publications extracted from ResearchIndex.com
Oct. 4, 2000Added some relations and inference rules to the General Ontology.

Cleaned up the formatting of other ontology pages.

Sept. 11, 2000Added annotations for 11 more computer science departments to the CS domain and updated the information on the previous four departments.
Aug. 9, 2000Added a table of contents to the SHOE home page.
Jun. 30, 2000Added the paper Semantic Interoperability on the Web to the list of publications.
May 16, 2000Made the Semantic Search site available. This is a SHOE-based search engine that allows you to submit your own SHOE pages.
May 11, 2000Moved the PIQ and SHOE Search demos onto the main web site.
May 4, 2000Added the paper Searching the Web with SHOE to the list of publications.
Apr. 28, 2000Made the Commerce Ontology available. This is an ontology intended for describing basic information about businesses and their products.

Ammended the SHOE XML DTD to include a version attribute in the shoe element. Updated the SHOE Specification and the FAQ to reflect the change.

Apr. 20, 2000Released version 0.92 (a bug-fix release) of the Knowledge Annotator.
Apr. 6, 2000Made the Personal Ontology available. This is an ontology intended for use in describing personal information, as might be found on someone's homepage.
Apr. 3, 2000Added the paper Dynamic Ontologies on the Web to the list of publications.

Made various improvements to the ontologies

Feb. 21, 2000Moved all SHOE publications into a subdirectory called pubs.
Feb. 3, 2000Added more questions about using the Knowledge Annotator applet to the FAQ.

Updated the SHOE Specification to version 1.01, which includes an appendix on using SHOE with XML

Jan. 18, 2000Expanded and reformatted the FAQ
Dec. 21, 1999Added new domains to the SHOE Example Pages
Oct. 27, 1999Added the Technical Report SHOE: A Knowledge Representation Language for Internet Applications to the list of publications.
Oct. 26, 1999Added a SHOE Publications page which provides details about each publication, including abstract and citation information.
Aug. 12, 1999Added a List of SHOE Ontologies page.

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