Software Engineering

Spring 2010; CMSC 435; Section 0101

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Class Schedule

Note that many of the lecture slides have been adapted from Sommerville's web-site.

Date(s) Topic Slides, Additional Readings, Notes, Reminders
01/26 Introduction to Software Engineering  
01/28 The Software Development Process  
02/02 Introduction to cost estimation, software tenders, architectures Handout on Cost Estimation
02/04 Software Processes (Slides: 1.pdf) (Reminder: Project phase 1 due on 02/05) (Quiz 1)
02/09 Snow week: Additional readings assigned.

1) View the video at

2) Please read the slides at

3) Please read the paper at

02/16 Software Processes (Slides: 2.pdf)
02/18 Software Processes (Quiz 2)
02/23 Requirements (Slides: 3.pdf)
02/25 Requirements (Quiz 3)
03/02 Formal Specifications; Software Architectures (Slides: 4.pdf)
03/04 Software Architectures (Slides: 5.pdf) (Quiz 4)
03/09 Software Architectures  
03/11 Software Architectures for Object-Oriented Design & UML (Quiz 5)
03/23 Example Object-Oriented Application  
03/25 Software Testing: Fundamentals (Quiz 6)
03/30 Group Meetings and Hudson jobs (Slides: 6.pdf)
04/01 Software Testing: Data-flow Adequacy (Quiz 7)(Slides: 7.pdf)

Review for Midterm Exam

04/13 User Interface Design (Slides: 8.pdf)
04/15 Project discussion (Quiz 8)
04/20 Project discussion  
04/22 Plugins for test-case generation (Quiz 9)
04/27 Defining a common document format and code for plugins  
04/29 Software engineering for distributed systems, design with reuse, maintenance; project management (Slides: 9.pdf)(Slides: 10.pdf)(Slides: 13.pdf)(Slides: 12.pdf) (Quiz 10)
05/04 Presentation by: (JFCGUIRipper) (Slides: 11.pdf) (JFCGUIRipper Presentation Slides)
05/06 Presentation by: (TestCaseGenerator, JFCGUIReplayer) (Quiz 11) (TestCaseGenerator Presentation Slides) (JFCGUIReplayer Presentation Slides)
05/11 Presentation by: (GUIStructure2Graph, Windows team)  

FINAL EXAM: CSI 1122 Fri, May 14 8:00am-10:00am

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