CMSC 330, Spring 2015

Organization of Programming Languages


Lectures & Discussions

Week of: Tue Lecture Thu Lecture Fri Discussion
Jan 26 Introduction Ruby 1 (updated Feb 3)
Ruby Examples 1
Feb 2 Ruby cont.

Ruby regular expressions

Code examples

Ruby Examples 2

Feb 9 Ruby: regexps and code blocks Regexps and Finite Automata

Quiz on Ruby

Ruby Example 3

Feb 16 No class (snow) Relating DFAs and NFAs (minor updates, 3/5)

Automata practice

Feb 23 OCaml basics (updated 2/26) No Class (snow)

OCaml examples

Mar OCaml: higher-order functions No Class (snow)

Quiz on RE, NFA, DFA. Exam review

Mar 9 Exam 1



Ocaml, Exam 1 review

Mar 23 OCaml: data types, modules, references Context Free Grammars

Quiz on OCaml

Mar 30 Lambda calculus Lambda calculus, cont'd OCaml types
  • -- search tree example
Apr 5 Types and Bindings (updated 1pm, 4/7) Multithreading basics
Apr 12 Ruby and OCaml Multithreading, MapReduce Relating Objects and Closures
Parameter Passing
Apr 19 Prolog Midterm 2 Prolog
Apr 26 Prolog, cont'd (cuts, backtracking) Prolog, cont'd
May 3 Polymorphism Garbage Collection Quiz, exam review
May 10 History of Programming Languages Final exam at 4pm in BRB 1101

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