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Nelson Padua-Perez Via Zoom TBA

We will use Quuly for students to see a TA during office hours. Information how to register can be found at Quuly Sign up. To request help during office hours, follow the instructions provided at Requesting Help.

You Must Add Your Email Address

Important: In order for you to access the Quuly queue, you need to have an email address in Quuly. You can add/update your email address by using the Quuly “My Account” view.

Enable Notifications

We want to make sure a TA can help you immediately after you are selected from the Quuly queue.  Make sure you have Quuly notifications enabled. There is a separate desktop notification that is issued if one gives Quuly permission to send notifications to your desktop. To enable those in Chrome, one can click the lock icon and make sure notifications are set to "Allow".

When to Join the Quuly Queue

Please only join the Quuly queue during office hours or 5 minutes (no more than 5 minutes) before an office hour period starts, otherwise you will be removed from the queue without receiving assistance.

Time and Tokens Per Student

TAs will spend around 10 minutes per student if other students are waiting. If there is no other student waiting you can spend as much time as needed. There is a limit of three daily visits per student.

Nelson's Office Hours

If you need to see me during office hours, email me the day before you are planning to stop by so we arrange a specific time slot during my office hours. I don't use the Quuly queue for office hours. Thank you.


The Iribe Initiative for Inclusion & Diversity in Computing offers 1:1 tutoring for CMSC 131, 132, 216, 250, 330, and 351 around specific concepts discussed in class. To learn more and request tutoring, please visit Tutoring. Visiting a tutor does not mean you are having trouble with your course. Many students visit a tutor to get clarification about class concepts, but others visit a tutor to discuss advanced concepts they are interested and that we don't cover in class.

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