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At Cipher Tech Solutions, Inc. (Cipher Tech), we take great pride in supporting some of the most mission critical work in the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. The majority of our company is comprised of extremely talented software developers who write production tools which directly support one of two missions: digital forensics and malware reverse engineering.

Digital forensics is the practice of extracting and processing evidence from computers, phones, tablets, cameras, flash-drives, and just about any other form of digital media. The results of our work are then used to support federal and military law enforcement, counter intelligence, and counter terrorist activities.

Malware reverse engineering is the practice of analyzing extremely advanced malicious code. The goal of a reverse engineer is to understand how the malicious code works and determine facts such as:

How did it infect the victim's computer
What kind of information it is seeking to steal
How is it communicating with the author (actor)
Who that actor might be

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Forensic Software Developer - All Levels Forensic Software/Web Developer - All Levels Reverse Engineer Software Developer - Junior & Mid Levels Reverse Engineer Malware Analyst - All Levels
Full-Time (Entry Level), Full-Time (Experienced)


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