CMSC 452 Notes and Websites

Notes, Paper, Websites on what is covered in class.

Closure Properties

Notes on Decidabilty of WS1S

Slides on Decidabilty of WS1S

R(i,j,k) Method

Small DFA for …

Slides on Sat Solvers

Notes on Time Classes like DTIME and beginning of P vs NP

Notes on P vs NP

Reductin CLIQ to SAT. Yes, you read that right.

Someone else's NPC slides. See 18-30 are 3-COL proof

Someone elses Slids on NPC

Computability Theory

Halting Problem: Another Viewpoint

Kolmogorov Complexity

Bounded Queries

Optional Material

CMSC 452 Spring 2018 website

CMSC 452 from Spring 2018

Has additional problems to work on. Caution: do not try to memorize, try to understand!

Blog Post on Dead Cat Policy