MUFFIN WEBSITE! Maintained by William Gasarch

Alan Frank proposed The Muffin Problem in a private math newgroups in about 2011. In 2016 Bill Gasarch saw it in a pamphlet at Gathering for Gardners. A book on it, by William Gasarch, Erik Metz, Jacob Prinz, Daniel Smolyak is in the works.

This website is a companion to the book. It has several talks on The Muffin Problem which will serve as a good introduction, several documents of material that is not in the book, and programs written to hep solve the problem,

Talks on The Muffin Problem

General Talk muffintalkGEN.pdf

Another General Talk muffintalkexamples.pdf

Talk that includes that answer exists, is rational, and computable muffintalkLPIP.pdf

Talk that includes Buddy Match Method muffintalkBuddyMatch.pdf

Short Talk for HS students muffintalkshort.pdf

Documents that were not included in The Muffin Book

A problem Jim Propp asked, and its answer proppmuffinproblem.pdf

Ken Tan's paper on when the number of students is 3,4,…,9. kentan.pdf

Erik Metz's Proof that if m>s then there is always a division with smallest piece at least 1/3: onethirda.pdf

Erik Metz's Proof that, for fixed s large m, the problem is very easy. ufca.pdf

The Train Method: IN PROGRESS

On Optimal Solution to the Muffin Problem by Richard Chatwin

Daniel Smolyak's paper on empirical evidence about exceptions MuffinsAnalysis/MuffinsAnalysis.pdf

Program by Stephanie Warman to Solve Many Muffin Problems

Acknowledgements ack.pdf