Secret Sharing


Robust and computational sec. sharing and a unified account of classical sec. sharing goals by Bellare and Rogaway

Sec. Sharing Schemes: A Survey by Beimel

Website of Papers on Sec Sharing (no links)

Secret Sharing with Cards

Secure Dating with Four of Fewer Cards by Marcdeon, Wen, Shi

Information Theoretic Secure Secret Sharing

Generalzed Secret Sharing and Montone functions by Benaloh

Universally Ideal Secret Sharing Schemes By Beimel and Chor

Some Ideal Sharing Schemes by Brickell

The Size of a share must be large by Laszlo Csirmaz

The Size of a share for secret sharing schemes by Capocelli, De Santis, Gargano, Vaccaro

On Poly. Sec. Sharing Schemes by Artiom and Pasking-Cherniavsky

On the information ratio of non-perfect secret sharing schemes by Farras, Hansen, Kaced, Padro

Secret Sharing Schemes for General and Uniform Access Structures by Applebaume, Beimel, Farras, Nir, Peter

Exponetial Lower Bounds for Secret Sharing by Kasper Larsen and Mark Simkin

Constructing Ideal Sec. Sharing Schemes based on Chinese Remainder thm by Ning, Miao, Huang, Meng, Xiong, Wang

Linear Secret Sharing Schemes for Forbidden Graph Access Structures by Beimel, Farras, Mintz, Peter

Improving the linear prog. technique in the search for lower bounds in sec. sharing by Farras, Kaced, Martin, Padro

video on sec sharing

Exponential lower bounds on monotone spanning programs by Cook, Pitassi, Robere, Rossman

Verifiable Secret Sharing (Computationally Secure)

Verifiable Secret Sharing and Achieving Simultaneity in the Presence of Faults by Chor, Goldwasser, Micali, Awerbuch

Round-Optimal and Efficient Verifiable Secret Sharing by Fitzi, Garay, Gollakota, Rangan, Srinathan

A Practical Scheme for non-interactive verifiable secret sharing by Feldman

Verifiable secret Sharing and Multiparty Protocols with Honest Majority by Rabin and Ben-or

A Secure Protocol for the Oblivous Transfer by Fisher, Micali, Rackoff (old def of OT) Not a Sec. Sh. paper-used in last paper

An Efficient Lattice-Based Secret Sharing Construction

Short Shares (Computationally Secure)

Secret Sharing Made Short by Krawczyk