Software Engineering

Spring 2004; CMSC 435; Section 0201

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Note that many of the lecture slides have been adapted from Sommerville's web-site.

bulletJan. 27 & 29: Introduction I
bulletFirst class
bulletIntroduction to Software Engineering
bulletWhat is software engineering? Why is it important? 
bulletThe software lifecycle 
bulletSoftware process models 
bulletReading: Sommerville - Chapters 1 & 3
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here)
bulletFeb. 3 & 5: Tools I
bulletProject Overview & Tools
bulletJavaDoc JUnit 
bulletHandout (JavaDocCheatSheet.doc)
bulletFeb. 10: Introduction II 
bullet"How Microsoft builds software", Michael Cusumano and Richard Selby, Communications of the ACM, vol. 40, No. 6, pp. 53-62, June 1997. 
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here)
bulletFeb. 12: Requirements I 
bulletSoftware Requirements 
bulletRequirements Engineering Processes 
bulletReading: Sommerville - Chapters 5 & 6 
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here)
bulletFeb. 19: Usability evaluation
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here)
bulletFeb. 24 & 26: Requirements II 
bulletFormal Specification 
bulletReading: Sommerville - Chapters 9 
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here
bulletMar. 2 & 4 & 8: Design I
bulletArchitectural Design 
bulletObject-oriented Design 
bulletReading: Sommerville - Chapters 10 & 12 
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here
bulletMar. 11: Formal Sprcifications
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here
bulletMar. 16 & 18: Testing I
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here
bulletMar. 30: Testing II
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here
bulletGUI Testing
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here)
bulletReading: "Hierarchical GUI Test Case Generation Using Automated Planning", Atif M. Memon, Martha E. Pollack and Mary Lou Soffa, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. vol. 27, no. 2, pp. 144-155, Feb. 2001.
bulletReading: "Coverage Criteria for GUI Testing", Atif M. Memon, Mary Lou Soffa and Martha E. Pollack, , 8th European Software Engineering Conference (ESEC) and 9th ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE-9), Vienna University of Technology, Austria, Sept. 10-14, 2001.
bulletApr. 1: Test Oracles
bulletReading: "Automated Test Oracles for GUIs", Atif M. Memon, Martha E. Pollack and Mary Lou Soffa, , Eighth International Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE’2000), San Diego, CA, Nov. 6-10, 2000.
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here
bulletAnnouncement (Click here)
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here)
bulletApr 8: Design II
bulletUser-interface Design
bulletReading: Sommerville - Chapters 15
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here)
bulletDistributed Systems Architectures
bulletReading: Sommerville - Chapter 11
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here)
bulletApr. 13: Design III & Static Verification and Validation
bulletComponent-based Design
bulletReading: Sommerville - Chapter 14
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here)
bulletReadings Inspections Reading: "What makes inspections work?", Adam Porter and Larry Votta, IEEE Software,Vol. 14, No. 6, Nov. 1997
bulletReading: Sommerville - Chapter 19
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here)
bulletApr. 15: Project Management & Evolution
bulletReading: Sommerville - Chapter 4
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here)
bulletSoftware Maintenance Configuration Management
bulletReading: Sommerville - Chapter 27 & 29
bulletLECTURE SLIDES (Click here)
bulletApr. 20
bulletApr. 22: TerpSpreadSheet Presentation
bulletApr. 27: TerpManager Presentation
bulletApr. 29: TerpWord Presentation
bulletMay 4: TerpPresent Presentation
bulletMay 6: TerpCalc Presentation
bulletMay 11: TerpPaint Presentation
bulletMay 14: Final Exam



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