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Spring 2011; CMSC 435; Section 0101

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Class Schedule

Note that many of the lecture slides have been adapted from Sommerville's web-site.

Week Date Slides, Additional Readings, Notes, Reminders Date Slides, Additional Readings, Notes, Reminders
1 Jan. 25 Welcome and Project Discussion Jan. 27

Model-based testing at the 3rd Google Test Automation Conference (GTAC 2008). The slides are available HERE. Here is the YouTube video.

2 Feb. 1 Intro. to Software Engineering (1.pdf) Feb. 3 (Quiz1) Intro. to Software Engineering (1.pdf)
3 Feb. 8 GUITAR experts visit. Q & A Session and discussion. Feb. 10 (Quiz2) Teams describe their projects and customer requirements in detail. Discussion.
4 Feb. 15 Software engineering processes and phases (1.pdf). Project management and risk assessment (12.pdf). Feb. 17 (Quiz3) Short talk on Mercurial by Sheldon Neuberger (CMSC435 student volunteer). Visitor from Lincoln Labs talks about the importance of Software Engineering.
5 Feb. 22 (2.pdf) Synch-and-stabilize development process. Feb. 24 (Quiz4) Customers' day
6 Mar. 1 Software Requirements and the RE process (3.pdf). Short talk on Selenium by  Allen Chung, Philip Anderson, and Valentine Kravets (CMSC435 student volunteers). Mar. 3 (Quiz5) Unambiguous Specification of Software (4.pdf
7 Mar. 8 VORD  Mar. 10 (Quiz6) Software Architecture I (5.pdf)
8 Mar. 15 Generic Architectures Mar. 17


10 Mar. 22


Mar. 24


11 Mar. 29 “An event-flow model of GUI-based applications for testing” Software Testing, Verification and Reliability, vol. 17, no. 3, 2007, pp. 137-157, John Wiley and Sons Ltd.. Details Mar. 31 (Quiz7); Customer's Day
12 Apr. 5 Software Testing I (6.pdf) Apr. 7 (Quiz8); Software Testing II (6.pdf)
13 Apr. 12 Software Testing III (6.pdf) Apr. 14 (Quiz9); Software Testing IV (7.pdf)
14 Apr. 19 User Interface Design (8.pdf) Apr. 21 (Quiz10); Software Architecture II (9.pdf)
15 Apr. 26 Software Reuse (10.pdf) Apr. 28 (Quiz11); Verification and Validation (11.pdf)
16 May 3 Software Maintenance (13.pdf) May 5 (Quiz12); 
17 May 10      
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