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A WebPage on Can Ramsey Theorem

by William Gasarch

(For now this is just papers that I want to gather in one place)

  1. A Combinatorial Theorem by Erdos and Rado By Erdos and Rado: ErdosRado.PDF

  2. A Combinatorial Theorem on Classifications of subsets of a given set. by Erdos and Rado: ErdosRado2.PDF.

  3. Notes on Canonical Partitions by Rado: Rado.PDF.

  4. The Canonical Ramsey Theorem and Computability by Mileti. Mileti.PDF,

  5. On Erdos-Rado Numbers by Lefmann and Rodl. LR.PDF,

  6. On an anti-Ramsey Type result by Alon, Lefmann, and Rodl. ALR.PDF,

  7. Extremal Uncrowded Hypergraphs by Ajtai, Komlos, Pintz, Spencer, Szemeredi. AKPSS.PDF,

  8. shelah.PDF

William Gasarch 2013-07-30