Reading group on Quantum Programming Languages, Fall 2018 @ UMD

This reading group is co-organized by QuICS and PLUM as part of UMIACS and CS at UMD. We focus on programming language theory and techniques when applied to (near-term) quantum computers. Please contact Xiaodi Wu if you are interested.

  • Meeting: Wednesday 3:00pm - 4:00pm , location alternates between ATL 3100A (QuICS) and AVW 3460 (MC2).


References (not meant to be comprehensive)

  • Textbook

    • M. Ying. Foundations of Quantum Programming, Morgan Kaufmann, 2016.

    • B. Coecke and A. Kissinger. Picturing Quantum Processes: A First Course in Quantum Theory and Diagrammatic Reasoning, Cambridge University Press, 2017.