CMSC 131 - Object-Oriented Programming I

Fall 2004

NOTE: Before proceeding with the operations described below, you will need to to update your Eclipse plugins. A note regarding this update is in the Announcements section of the class web page (Date: Tue, Sep 07).

Setting up Your CVS Repository

First, you will need to get your account and password. To do this, go to the department's online grading system . After logging on using the University ID, select the course "CMSC131" and then in the orange menu on the left select "Receive Class Account". You will see the account information (login and password) on the screen.

In order to set up your CVS repository go to the section in the Eclipse tutorial titled Managing Homeworks and follow the instructions given there. In the section with the window screenshot titled "Add CVS Repository,", use the following information, where ⟨LOGIN_ID⟩ is the login id of the account that you just obtained from the grades page.

  Repository Path: /afs/⟨LOGIN_ID⟩
  User: ⟨LOGIN_ID⟩
  Password: ⟨Password of the account LOGIN_ID⟩

While creating the repository, check the entry "Save Password" so you do not have to provide the password every time you access the repository. You must complete the above process only once in the semester from any machine you are planning to run Eclipse.

Continue to follow the directions in the Eclipse tutorial. If everything goes well, you should be able to open the "p0" project and execute it. Also, the "p1" skeleton project for Homework 1 will be there soon. As always, if you encounter any problems, please check with us.