CMSC 131 - Object-Oriented Programming I

Fall 2004

Archive of Old Announcements

Important announcements related to the course will be posted in the class CMSC 131 home page. Old announcements will be moved here.

The, Dec 16:

Final grades are now available (visit the grades page). If you have a question about your final grade, please see the information given there.

Mon, Dec 13:

Homework #8 scores are now posted (visit the grades page). Because we need to get grades finalized soon, please try to file your regrade requests by noon on Tuesday, Dec 14.

Fri, Dec 10:

Thu, Dec 9:

Wed, Dec 8:

Homework #7 scores are now posted (visit the grades page). Because we need to get grades finalized soon, regrade requests must be submitted by this Friday, Dec 10.

Fri, Dec 3:

Are you annoyed by seeing commas in your long results from your scientific calculator? (E.g. "12,345,678.8") If you want to get rid of them, the HW#8 description has been updated to explain how to do this. You are allowed to implement your calculator either way for full credit.

Wed, Dec 1:

The homework 8 Wiki is working again!

Tue, Nov 30:

Mon, Nov 29:

Sun, Nov 28:

We have posted a major revision to the Homework #8 description on the homeworks page. The project specification is the same, but the new writeup has much more explanation about how the calculator operates.

Wed, Nov 24:

Mon, Nov 15:

Thu, Nov 11:

There will be a review session for the midterm this Sunday from 3:00-4:00pm. Because the class is so large, we will be meeting in two rooms: CSIC 2117 and 3117. You may come to whichever you like. There will be no set agenda; we will just answer as many questions as we can in 1 hour.

Wed, Nov 10:

Mon, Nov 8:

(Correction) There is a rather small but irritating bug in our original implementation of HW#6. There was an extra space added at the end of the line "Movies (rented): " (in line 39 of Test2Results.txt). We removed this extra space on Friday, but people who checked out the files early may still have this. If you see this space, simply check remove it. Please download the latest HW#6 description for more details.

Sun, Nov 7:

An alert student spotted an error on Quiz 7 Worksheet. In the stack problem the result of the print statements should be "Everybody/Hello" rather than the other way around. I have posted a corrected version on the homeworks page.

Sat, Nov 6:

A few students asked us to provide more information about what we want in the design.txt file for HW#6. We have added a special section on this to the HW#6 description.

Thu, Nov 4:

Mon, Nov 1:

A clarification regarding HW#5. In the Requirements section of the description, appears the following line: "You must use character arrays for storing the current word and solution word in your Jumble class." This means that you must use "char[ ]" for storing these instance variables, not "String[ ]".

Sat, Oct 30:

We have discovered an anomaly in our submit server testing software, which can cause your program to fail the submission test, even though it passes the PuzzleTests. To avoid this problem, please declare all instance variables to be nonstatic and initialize them explicitly in the generatePuzzle method. Download the latest HW5 description for further information.

Wed, Oct 27:

Homework #5 is now posted on the homeworks page. As with with the last homework, we will be making some tests available through the submit server, but this may not be set up until this weekend.

Tue, Oct 26:

Fri, Oct 22:

Wed, Oct 20:

Homework #3 scores are now posted (visit the grades page). Due to an data entry error, it appears that some people's HW#3 score were erroneously entered over their HW#2 scores. If this happened to you, please send email to Ping Chen. We will try to straighten out the error quickly.

Fri, Oct 15:

We will have Quiz #4 in discussion on Monday. The worksheet can be found in the homework page.

Thu, Oct 14:

Homework 4 is now posted. It is due Monday, Oct 25, but please plan carefully. There are no TA office hours over the weekend, so try your best to get it working before the weekend of Oct 23.

Fri, Oct 8:

We will have Quiz #3 in discussion on Monday. The worksheet can be found in the homework page.

Sat, Oct 2:

Thu, Sep 30:

Mon, Sep 27:

Thu, Sep 23:

Because of a prior appointment, Nelson will need to cancel his Friday afternoon office hours.

Wed, Sep 22:

Sat, Sep 18:

Dave Mount will be out of town this Monday. Nelson will be lecturing in his place.

Thu, Sep 16:

Mon, Sep 13:

It is now possible to submit your homework. To do so, go to the "Dr. Java" perspective, be sure that the project is open. Then right click on the project folder (p1) and select "Submit Project" from the pull-down menu. You may submit many times (we grade only the last submission). You can check the status of your submissions by visiting the Submit Server Home Page and entering your University Directory ID and password.

Sat, Sep 11:

An alert student spotted a typo in the HW#1 description. The second credit card number should be "1212 3434 4545". The page has been updated.

Thu, Sep 09:

Wed, Sep 08:

Tue, Sep 07:

If you have installed Eclipse on your PC, there is an upgrade in the Eclipse plugin that is used for accessing homework files and is used for homework submission. You will need to install this plugin before you can start working on the first homework, which will be handed out soon. For instructions on how to install the new plugin, visit the UMD CS Eclipse plugin update site. Note that if you are working from the WAM labs, you do not need to do anything. We have already installed it for you.

Fri, Sep 03:

Classes (both discussion and lecture) and office hours are cancelled this Monday for Labor Day. Enjoy the long weekend!

Wed, Aug 25:

Discussion sessions will be cancelled this Mon, Aug 30. The lectures will still take place. The first discussion sessions will be meeting Wed, Sep 1.

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