CMSC 131 - Object-Oriented Programming I

Fall 2004


Grade and request for grade changes are available through the departments's online grading system.

Final Grades:

Final grades are now posted. Because we (Nelson and Dave) will both be going out of town, if you have a question about your final grade, please contact us after the break. Nelson will be back by Jan 4, and Dave will be back Jan 28. Any requests for changes of your final grade should be presented to us before Feb 4.

Deadlines for Submitting Regrade Requests:

Questions About Your HW Grades?

The description below provides information regarding what you need to do to deal with issues regarding your graded homeworks.

Procedure to follow if you received a 0
If you received a grade of 0, it means that something went wrong in the submission process, and we were not able to grade your assignment.
Procedure to follow if you have doubts about the grading
If you have any questions about the grading, please see any of the TAs during office hours. Answering grading questions over email is difficult, and so we request that you to please stop by and talk to our TAs. We usually allow one week from the time that grades are posted for submitting regrade requests.
Procedure to follow if you want a regrade
If you understand you need a regrade you then follow this procedure:

Midsemester Grades

As of Nov 4, we tabulated all the grades and assigned estimated mid-semester grades. These grades are provided for your information only, and imply nothing about your final grade. To see your grade, login to the online grading system, and you will see the grade at the bottom of the page. (It is incorrectly labeled as your "final grade", but this is due to a limitation of the grading system.)

Note that midsemester grades were computed by a different formula than the one that will be used for final course grades: The course syllabus gives the weights that will be used for the final grades. For these midsemester grades, we decided gave higher weight to quizzes and lower weight to homeworks. This is because quiz grades tend to be more closely correlated with performance on the exams, and exams will account for a high percentage of the final grade. We first computed a weighted average of the homeworks, and a weighted average of quizzes. The most recent homeworks and quizzes were assigned the greatest weight. The overall total was based on assigning 30% to homeworks, 40% to the midterm, and 30 to the quizzes. Cutoffs were based on a straightforward curve.

The cutoffs that were used for the midsemester grades will be different than the cutoffs for the final grades: The cutoffs are unusually high for the midsemester grades, but you should not worry. The reason is that at this point, a great deal of your grade is based on homework and quiz grades. These grades tend to run higher than exam grades. At the end of the semester, when the 2nd midterm and final are taken into consideration, the average grades will drop, and we will adjust the cutoffs accordingly.

My grade is wrong! Due to submission or grading errors, some students may have received a 0 on their HW4 score, but know that will be getting more credit when it is straightened out. If this is the case then your midsemester grade is probably way off. Remember, these grades are just for your information. But, if you are concerned as to whether you are in danger of failing, please contact your course coordinator (Mount or Padua-Perez), and they can provide a more accurate information.

Should I drop this class? The final drop date is Monday, Nov 8. If your grade is in the 'F' range, you should give very serious consideration to dropping, since it is quite unlikely that you will pass the course at a 'C' level or higher. If you are in the 'D' range, you should also consider dropping. Surviving with a 'C' is possible, but will only occur if you can make a significant additional commitment of effort to the course. If you have a question as to what your chances of passing are, please feel free to contact either of the course coordinators.

What are the chances that I can improve my grade? Since the previous midsemester grades, students have changed the grade by as much as a full letter grade. Since more weight is allocated to later homeworks and exams, any improvements you make now can pay off later in the semester. But it will not happen without a strong effort on your part.

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