CMSC 330, Fall 2015

Organization of Programming Languages


Lectures & Discussions

DateTopic and Materials
09/01/15 Introduction: slides (pdf), code (zip)
09/03/15 Ruby 1: slides (pdf), code (zip) (Read more: Discussion of Ruby top-level)
09/04/15 discussion_exercises, exercise_solution
09/08/15 Ruby 2: (same slides as above) code (zip)
09/10/15 Ruby Regexp: slides (pdf), code (zip)
09/11/15 discussion_exercise, exercise_solution
09/15/15 Ruby 3: slides (pdf), code (zip)
09/17/15 OCaml Basics: slides (pdf) updated 9/22, code (zip)
09/19/15 Quiz 1 (Ruby)
09/22/15 OCaml Functions: slides (pdf), code (zip)
09/24/15 OCaml Data: slides (pdf), code (zip) Lecture examples
09/29/15 OCaml Data, cont'd
10/01/15 Objects and FP: slides (pdf), code (zip)
10/06/15 Types and Bindings: slides (pdf)
10/13/15 Regexps and Finite Automata: slides (pdf), code (zip)
10/15/15 NFA, DFA: slides (pdf) example (pdf)
10/20/15 CFGs: slides (pdf)
10/22/15 Parsing: slides (pdf), code (zip)
10/27/15 Operational Semantics: slides (pdf)
10/29/15 Lambda Calculus: slides (pdf), code (zip)
11/3/15 Lambda Calculus, cont'd
11/05/15 Polymorphism: slides (pdf), code (zip)
11/10/15 Prolog1: slides (pdf), code (zip)
11/19/15 Prolog2: slides (pdf), code (zip) code (zip)
11/24/15 Parameter Passing: slides (pdf)
11/24/15 Memory Management: slides (pdf)
12/01/15 Input Validation: slides (pdf)
12/03/15 Secure Design: slides (pdf)
12/05/15 History of PL: slides (pdf)


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