CMSC 452 Notes

PICTURE: DFA for Sigma* a Sigma Sigma

NOTES: Closure Properties for Reg Langs

R(i,j,k) Method for converting DFA to REGEX

Example of R(i,j,k) Method for converting DFA to REGEX

NOTES: If L is a CFL then L is in P

Questions about CFG's that are undecidable

Some CFGs

Turing Machines

Time Classes


Closure properties of P and NP

The Cook-Levin Theorem

Reductions Using SAT

Algorithms for SAT

Karp's Turing Award Speech

Primitive Recursive Functions


Decidability of WS1S

Bounded Queries in Computability Theory

Kolmogorov Complexity


Description of Lang Survey

CFG Lower Bounds Paper

On the Sizes of DPDA, PDA, and LBA by Beigel and Gasarch

Book Rev of Ideas that Created the Future

Book Rev of Blown to Bits Edition 2