SIGACT News Open Problem Columns edited by William Gasarch

Vol 55, 2024

No. 1 Integral Points on Elliptic Curves: A Journey into Speculative Number Theory by P.G. Walsh

No. 2 How hard is it to detect some cliques? by Josh Burdick

Vol 54, 2023

No. 4 Pennies on a Chessboard by Gasarch

No. 3 Permutable and Comp. Primes by Gasarch, Gezalyan, Patrick

No. 2 Wanted: Easier Proof of Lower Bounds on Approx Set Cover by Erika Melder

No. 1 The Complexity of the Shortest Value Problem by H.Bennett

Vol 53, 2022

No. 1 On the smallest open Diophantine equations by Grechuk

No. 2 Comp of chi(G) Restricted to Bdd Cr-Num or Genus-Gasarch-Hayes-Ostuni-Park

No. 3 An Intriguing Sequence by Gasarch, Kaplitz, and Metz

No. 4 Open Problems By or Inspired by Juris Hartmanis by many people

Vol 52, 2021

No. 1 Generalizing the 3SUM Problem by Gasarch and Metz

No. 2 Hilbert's 10th Problem by Gasarch,Long Version Longer

No. 3 Worlds to Die For: Open Oracle Questions for the 21st Century by Fortnow

No. 4 27 open problems in Kolm. Comp. by Romashchenko, Shen, Zimand

Vol 51, 2020

No. 1 The testtakers–Testmakers Dilemma by Bajaj and Gasarch

No. 2 A Known Problem in Ramsey Theory: Ramsey Multiplicity by Gasarch

No. 3 The Busy Beaver Frontier by Aaronson

No. 4 When Ramsey Theory Fails, Settle for More Colors by Dobrinen and Gasarch

Vol 50, 2019

No. 1 My Answers to My P vs NP Poll by Gasarch

No. 2 The Muffin Problem by Gasarch

No. 3 Sliding Scale Conjectures in PCP by Moshkovitz

No. 4 A Number-Sequence Problem Inspired by an O.Roeder Col, by Gasarch

Vol 49, 2018

No. 1 Different ways to prove a language not regular by Frishberg and Gasarch

No. 2 P vs NP: Invitation to a Poll by Gasarch

No. 3 Vol Fixed-Param Extrapolation and Aperiodic Order by Fenner, Green, Homer

No. 4 Some Open Problems in Fine-Grained Complexity by V.W.Williams

Vol 48, 2017

No. 1 Selected challenges in computational lower bounds By Viola

No. 2 Wanted: A Comm. Complexity Proof of lower bounds on PARITY by Gasarch

No. 3 Open Problems in Computational Topology by Fasy and Wang

No. 4 Some Open Problems in Algorithmic Fractal Geometry by Neil Lutz

Vol 47, 2016

No. 3 Grid Coloring and The Complexity of Grid Colorings by Gasarch

No. 4 Some Open Problems Regarding Lower Bounds For NP By R.Williams

Future (in progress)

Seeking Better Bound on the Large Canonical Ramsey No. by Gasarch and Metz

description of languages by Gasarch

Numbers on forehead- question of pedagogy. By Bill Gasarch

Surprise Exam Paradox by Martin Dietzebinger.