REU Talks in Summer 2021

June 7 Bill Gasarch: Intro to REU-CAAR SLIDES

June 8 Jon Katz: Adv. ML talk-RECORDING

June 9 Soheil Feizi: Using Gen Adv Networks in Domain Applications RECORDING, SLIDES

June 10 Tom Goldstein: Understanding bias and fairness in neural networks through visualization SLIDES

June 11 Aniruddha Bapat: Fast Routing using Teleportation Primitives RECORDING,SLIDES

June 14 John Dickerson: Kidney Exchange RECORDING

June 15 Furong Huang: Learning Fair Representations RECORDING

June 16 William Gasarch: The Hat Problem SLIDES

June 17 Matthew on Low-Depth Quantum Circuits

June 21 William Gasarch: The Egg Problem SLIDES

June 23 Clyde Kruskal: History of Chess Playing Programs RECORDING

June 28 William Gasarch: The Forehead Game SLIDES

July 7 Michelle Mazurek: Privacy and Trackers RECORDING SLIDES

July 12 Grad School Session SLIDES

July 14 Muffin Talk by Bill Gasarch SLIDES

July 21 Emily Kaplitz's talk on Neuodivergence RECORDING SLIDES

July 29 Dave Mount on Finding out Where you are Simple and Fast on Average RECORDING SLIDES

Aug 9 Bill Gasarch on his book Problems with a Point RECORDING SLIDES

Aug 14 End of the Summer Talk (in progress) SLIDES